1 Love At First Site

There once was a girl, she was a very beautiful girl.

She had long brown hair and hazel eyes.

She never expected to feel the way she felt when she met.

Ian he was a tall slinder man that every girl fonded over and she was one that never really showed that she liked or even anknowledge him and he found that very different and amusing,

But for some reason she would never talk to him and he hated not being the center of attention.

"Hey there what is your name princess?" he'd ask very curiously waiting for her response just so he could at least hear her voice,

but she still kept walking so one day he decided that no matter what he will figure this girl out and find out her name at least, but why was he so fixated on a girl that won't even give him the time of day?

He sighed to himself and tried to gain his confidence back.

"I have to know her" he thinks to himself.

On his normal walk to the empty field he finds her the girl with the long beautiful brown hair and those captivating eyes.

he tries to move but he can't. he just stands there watching her every move and then she looks at him.

yeah to everyone they see me as a black haired blue eyed guy that's tall and handsome.

But none of that matters if I don't know how she feels about me.

why am I so fixated on her?

what's so good about her?

I can have any girl I want, but something is pulling me in towards her and I can't put my finger on it.

Damn it why is it so hard to talk to her?

I finally find my strength to walk over to her.

I notice she's meditating and I can't help but watch her in entertainment.

She finally opens her eyes to see me crouch right in front of her.

She lets out the smallest gasp letting me know I scared her.

"Hello, my name is Ian Truscott and I didn't mean to scare you I was just walking by when I saw you here and I assumed that you fell asleep."

Why am I blabbing on she's never gonna talk to me if I keep doing that. Just then I heard the most beautiful sound.

"Hi I'm Heather Lynn and I was just startled by you being right in front of me all of a sudden."

it was that moment when I heard her angel voice I knew I had to keep her talking at all cost.

"I'm sorry but you are so beautiful and I couldn't help but want to introduce myself to such a mysterious woman that you are." I say as I noticed my voice raspy and deeper then usual.

"Ummm.... Thanks... but.... um are you sure your talking about me?" she asked nonchalantly

"Your welcome. And yes I'm talking about you. So what exactly is a beautiful woman like you doing all alone?"

She looks at me her brows pull together and she seems mad at what I said. Oh no I think I made her mad.

"You must think I'm a weak woman." she said with a smirk on her face.

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