I.CHOOSE.YOU(A Nigerian coming of age Novel):Book 1 Wealthy Teen'sI.CHOOSE.YOU(A Nigerian coming of age Novel):Book 1 Wealthy Teen's

I.CHOOSE.YOU(A Nigerian coming of age Novel):Book 1 Wealthy Teen's

by Zanyyy

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(Book 1 of the Wealthy Teen's series) 'No matter what, No matter the time, No matter the place, No matter the century, No matter what's to come, I. will always. CHOOSE. YOU'. Everyone saw her as crazy..... But he saw her as nothing less than perfection. ................... "Why?" was the only thing he said. Confused I asked "Why what?" "Why do you always do this to yourself?" the tone in which he spoke almost seemed like he was heartbroken about something. "Do what?" I dared to ask, although I knew already within me I wouldn't like his response. "Conceal your worth" ....................... If you like this small insight of the story then please read on. The only thing I can guarantee you in this story is that it will definitely have an happy ending although for the two characters Rica and Dili to achieve that, they would have too pass through many difficult obstacles on their way to happiness. And trust me this isn't your normal Teenage story that is filled with rainbows and sunshine, there are a lot of gloomy days. If you don't mind that then please by all means do read on. .................. NOTE: This is a pure work of fiction. An original story by me. Buy me coffee? https://ko-fi.com/missrina

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