I, Your Father, Didn't Read

(A/N: This chapter was initially posted as a poll after chapter 30. I moved it to auxiliary for posterity's sake)

TL:DR: Novels, especially Fanfics, rely on constant feedback and support from the community in order to thrive. If you like the story, leave a comment, drop some stones, or write a review so that others might feel inclined to pick up the story.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the convoluted bits. As some of you may know, I make a habit of backtracking and reading all the comments for the first 100 chapters of a new novel. I do my best to make the story interesting for as many people as I can, but it's impossible to please everyone.

When I originally started this novel, I wanted to make something that appears generic at a glance but is actually unique. I didn't want to write 'just another' Naruto fanfic, nor did I want to make the story feel like a self-insert. As fun and interesting as those kinds of stories can be, they ALWAYS fall off after a few dozen chapters. I generally write my story with the expectation that the novel will last between 300-500 chapters, so I spend a lot of time focusing on the characters rather than forcing the plot to advance.

After receiving 'a lot' of comments about the MC's harem, because that's apparently the only thing that keeps certain people reading, I decided to explain my original intentions. When I came up with the first draft of this novel, there was only going to be a total of three heroines. Since I wanted to avoid the 'obvious' routes, I ended up considering characters that are either underappreciated or I thought would make a good fit for the MC. I wasn't trying to pick the heroines that certain readers 'need' to have in their Naruto Fanfiction in order to consider it good.

Since I haven't been getting as much feedback as I would have liked these past few chapters, combined with the fact certain people feel compelled to attack me just because the story doesn't pander to them, my motivation is steadily decreasing. However, as I do want to keep writing this story, I've decided to put it to a vote. At this point, most of the absolute asshats have dropped the novel, so I pose this question to you, the readers who have actually been enjoying the story based on its moderate originality...

Should I expand the harem beyond the original three Heroines? (Tenten/Karin/Fuu)

If so, who would you like to see within the novel? The characters that receive the most votes or compelling reasons will be included at some point in the future. However, because novels with large harems become increasingly tedious, I can't promise the story will remain interesting.




























As I mentioned before, vote or leave a comment justifying why a character 'should' be in the harem. That reason can be because 'you' want them to be, but that isn't exactly compelling. Also, now that you've read this far, I'll give you some insight into what I was planning for the future. You see, the world of Naruto actually has more than one Continent. It isn't limited to the Shinobi World, so I was planning to explore nations beyond the Elemental Nations. If that doesn't sound interesting, I could also open the door for multi-world travel, but the limit would be three worlds. I'm not trying to write another EPIC, not without proper reimbursement for my efforts.

Stay in the Elemental Nations?

Explore the 'expanded' Narutoverse?

Go even further beyond? (A/N: Leave suggestions.)

Well, that about wraps up this supplemental chapter. It's Saturday, so unless this post gets a lot of feedback, I'm probably gonna relax and read other novels for the day. I'll be reading comments and checking back periodically to see how things are going, but I probably won't post anything until I get some proper rest.

P.S. Support me on pat.reon if you want to continue reading this, and many other stories. I know at least one lucky bastard making more than $8,000 a month right now, even though he is only posting a few times a week. I'm willing to pump out 30-50 chapters a week if if there is enough support, so if you'd like to buy a chapter, feel free to do so. I charge by the hour, so it's around $50 for a chapter, but it can literally be anything. If you want Maintaining the Balance, Mushoku Impact, EPIC, or even a one-shot in a completely different world, I'm game. Hell, I'm even tempted to create a 'Worldmaker Tier' that would let someone dictate 100 chapters of a novel. If it will help me afford proper dental and healthcare, I'd even write a fucking DxD Fanfic at this point x_x...

P.P.S. Thanks for reading until the end. It's because of the more patient and tolerant among you that I've been able to continue writing for this long. I'd like to continue doing so in the far future, so your support means the world to me.

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