5 Beyond the Door

Evening came, and I haven't done anything productive. I'm in the bedroom with the book and pen I found earlier. It's oddly comforting to have since it's the only objects in this apartment that don't remind me of them.

I sat and reached for my portable table. I feel like writing; I'm an aspiring writer anyway. It'd be a waste to throw it away, and it may help me recover.

I'm the type of guy who'd forget everything if he finds something that fascinates him.



Clicking pen noises were all I could make. Ahh! Like any other writer, I don't know what to write at first.

My mind is clouded, clouded by my father's last words... so I'll write those words.

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"Save your tears... until it's tears of joy,"

That childish old man was an idiot, but he spoke the wisest words from time to time.


"With a smile that says everything is okay..."

That was mother's smile... even in the end.


"And left the world with a task for his kin... to find happiness in a world full of sin,"

I wish they could tell me how, but that's too spoiled of me. It's something I have to figure out myself!


Alright! I don't have time to be moping around!

Life is boring, and it's too short. Forget everything I said about dying. I'll look for death once I'm finished with granting my parent's last wish!

It sounds like procrastinating, but I'll look for it tomorrow! I'll doze off first.

"Time to go to be-"

Before my head made contact with the pillow, I rubbed my eyes...

Am I seeing things? Ever since the incident, the world has lost its color. Everything became black, white, or gray, but the pages on the book... it has color!

And now it's spreading! To my body, to the room, and to the... outside. What did I do to trigger this? All I did was write my emotions! That worked better than I expected! I'm relieved! It feels like I found something I lost! Is this... joy?

It's like... fireworks. We admire it, say, "it's wonderful... I want to see it again," and it fades away as if it was never there.

It's only for a short while, but this is one step forward. Seeing color for the first time since the incident makes me want to see the world again. I can see it through the window, at least.

I stood up and approached the window beside my bed. I pushed the curtains away and...

This is strange... It sounds absurd, but the world seems off. It's like something changed, and it isn't anything minor. The city is gone?!

It can't change that much in a week! My head is turning my screws loose! The myriad of crammed straight lines that form the outline of the city is gone!

All I see now is a long, curved line stretching the horizon and splits the view into two sides. The bottom side is entirely blue with patches of green and white, which look like clouds. While the top side is... pitch black?! Am I currently looking at the curvature of the earth?!

This is ridiculous! It's like I transferred to a new world! A sane person wouldn't say this, but if that's the case, my body is trembling out of excitement! I can't see myself finding happiness in this world. Maybe if I transfer to a new one, I can, but yeah, right... It's just a childish delusion.

Perhaps I had too much sleep... or too little? Or maybe I accidentally took illegal substances? I'm an innocent seventeen-year-old virgin, so that can't be it! I should assess the situation like I usually do, but myself is speaking, and he says he wants to admire this view.

While standing beside the window like a pole, I can't help but hold back tears...

I feel like transcending to heaven. It feels like I'm watching God create the world, so being dumbfounded is an understatement. Every hair on my body is standing. This is nothing compared to my first time visiting Abu Dhabi. It's so overwhelming... admiring it feels wrong.

Gazing at this ethereal view makes me think, why is such a beautiful art created by God filled with filthy, atrocious people? We don't deserve such creation, and I don't deserve to stand here cherishing its beauty if I can't even grant my parent's last wi-... my parents... That's shocking.

I widened my eyes out of surprise. This view is so spectacular it made me forget about them for a minute.

Some moments in life make you want to stay forever. Moments you wish could go on a loop for eternity. Moments we cherish for as long as we live, and this is definitely one of them. I want to feel this again. I want to be amazed so much; it makes me forget about the world and all its tribulations.

Of course, I don't want to forget my parents. Instead, I want to remember them with a "thank you," not a "why did you die."


I've been gazing at this empyreal view for an hour. So much so, my feet started growing roots. It's about time I come back down to earth. I should be in the proper state of mind to assess the situation.


"Open the door..."

Who said that?! It's a female voice... It's so tender and soothing. I feel a sense of nostalgia, but there shouldn't be anyone near this room! It's high enough to see the curvature of the earth! But that could be my imagination! Think, Miles! Think!

I should open the window, and if I feel anything, it has to be the reality. Thinking about how and why I got here would be futile. I should just imagine I transferred to a new world like the shows and animes I've watched!

That's right! I got Isekaid! Although I didn't meet Truck-sama, I'm still grateful!

"Please open the door."

The voice whispered again, but I ignored it. Instead, I trusted my own instincts. If I open the window, then it should b-


The air is getting sucked out! And my sense of touch is working! It's definitely real! What am I thinking! I'm in space! Why did you open the window!

Adrenaline raced through my veins, and fortunately, I managed to shut it, but it took away all my stamina! I thought I'd die there! My body moved on its own, and it moved out of fear.

I guess people do fear death, but they're only afraid once he's by your neck. Good thing I closed it in ti-

As I sighed and looked up to the ceiling, I noticed something deadly...

There's a crack on the roof, and the air is leaking out! There's no use trying to plug it in since I can't reach it. What do I do?! It's like I'm in a room getting filled by water. The only option now is...

"Open it, please... trust me!"

The voice whispered again, but this time with an urgent tone.

I'm curious. I want to open it, but it feels like a start to a horror movie. It'd be safe to assume that unlocking the door will lead to the same result of opening the window. A sense of excitement is rushing in my veins. I'm honestly thrilled. Maybe beyond this door is the world I've admired outside the window, but I also feel a doze of fear equal to my thrill.

Perhaps I'll die if I listen to the voice. It's the most likely scenario, and even if I did make it to the world outside, is it as good as it looks? Can I find my peace there? I can't find my happiness in this world... so a different world may suffice, but what if it isn't a new world? And beyond this door is the same atrocious society I despise the most?

Perhaps it's just my imagination... No, it's genuine. The grim reaper was standing next to me when I opened the window. I have to make a decision here.

Do I stay miserable in this world, or do I take a chance at another life? It's an obvious choice! Of course, I'll live life in another world! The world I live in no longer has anything to offer!

It's the only practical and logical choice anyway. Staying in this room is like staying in a den of starving lions. I have a zero percent chance of surviving, and meanwhile, taking the voice's offer has a one percent chance of survival. Even if it's improbable, it's better than nothing.

If I'm traveling to a new world, it'd be best to be paranoid, so I should prepare food, water, a first aid kit, a weapon, the most crucial material for survival, a phone, and because I'm in space, a homemade parachute. It may be useless at this height, but like I said... it's better than nothing.

With somewhat of a plan in my head, I began to sprint around the apartment to search for the materials I need.


I've gathered everything I need! It's a good thing the crack was as big as my finger. It gave me an ample amount of time to prepare.

I settled my hands around the door know. Before twisting it, I took a short pause. My entire body is quivering as if I've been in Antarctica. But determined to grant my parent's last wish, I opened the door and took a leap of faith.

Alright! Father... mother, if this doesn't work out, see you in the next world!


This is strange... a strong wind is going against my body, yet I'm plowing through it like it's nothing, and the first step I took outside, the ground didn't feel solid. My body seems to be lying down mid-air, but how?! Am I falling?! I should've expected that! I was in a room in space seconds ago!

Ever since I picked up that book and pen, bizarre developments kept happening. The events favor me, though, so I can't complain.

WAIT! Of course, I can! I'm falling from space! Just thinking about landfall makes me... sick. I'm losing consciousness. Fuck! The lack of eating and sleep is affecting me now! Stay awake! I'm falling from the heavens, Miles! My eyes... are closing by... itse-


It's dark... it's pitch black, and I can't feel anything! Am I dead?! Is this the afterlife?! If that's the case, then it's fucking boring! It's so dull I wish I could die again!

With all my regret, I opened my eyes and said, "I'm sorry, mother... father... I couldn't grant your last wish, but at least I'll see you soon..."

But then I realized...

Eh? My eyes were just closed, and argh! My body hurts like hell! That's why I can't feel anything!

"Mother... father, it appears I'm still able to grant your last wish."

I'm glad that I didn't die, but now for the next ordeal.

I sat down, and then...

Woah! This room looks eerily similar to my parent's apartment. The furniture seems different and old but, the layout is the same. It appears that I made it out alive! What a relief! But it's no time to celebrate. I should scan the room!

There's a bowl of soup on the table across. The soup seems hot and fresh since there's steam coming from it... that means somebody lives here. There's a window, there are trees outside... and it's raining. That's relinquishing to see... so it wasn't just a delusion! Hahaha!

A mountain vanished from my shoulders. I really am in another world! What life awaits me in this world? My emotions are a salad made of excitement and fear, but knowing it isn't all a dream is a load off my chest. So that's taken care of... since my body has been in a blender, I'll doze off again!


I've been lying in bed for an hour, and my body is still in pain, but I've recovered enough to be able to walk. So far, nothing has changed. I'm still dawdling in my bed. I have little to do, so browsing the room shouldn't be a bad idea.

I got up from my bed and heard a grumble. It was my stomach.

I'm starving! I brought the only available food in the apartment, instant noodles, but I don't have hot water. What a pain in the ass! I'll check the kitchen. Perhaps it may have hot water.

Like an old man hanging on his dear life, I got up and started walking to the kitchen. But...

Wow! Not an ounce of food or water! The person living here must be struggling to get a meal on their table, yet they dare nurse me back to health. So they're idiots... my opinion of this world is off to a great start!

During my search for food and water, I noticed something odd...

"What the hell is this gigantic ball? It look like a car trunk... perhaps there's food inside!"

So, with all my strength, I managed to lift it open.

A fridge?!

This world's version of a fridge is strange! Unlike the previous world, the refrigerators of this world is one big ball halfway stuck in the wall. You open it like you open a car's trunk, and it doesn't seem like it runs on electricity. The source appears to be a small, glowing ice cube cold enough to power a fridge.

I know nothing about science, so I don't know if it's realistic. No point in pondering about that...

I'll just go back to bed, drink water, and continue scanning the room, but I don't know how long my stomach will last.

Oh... the soup from earlier. It's gone cold... I might as well eat it; it'd be a waste. Wait! Maybe it's edible for the creatures of this world, but not for me. I guess I have to hold back after all.

After finding out the kitchen was empty, I went back to bed, but on my way, I found something intriguing...

Ouch! I stubbed my toe! This damn closet... got in the... way. Since the layout of this room is the same as the apartment, this old closet is where my parent's wardrobe is. It has their clothes and a picture of us toge-... don't remember!

I'm curious... what's inside. I want to know more about the person I'm indebted to. Is it a he or a she? Young or old? Are they even human? Hopefully...

I know it's wrong to invade the privacy of the person who saved my life, but I'm too curious. I want to open it, but it feels as if something is going to jump out, suck my face, and lay eggs on my corpse. Screw it! I want to know!

Without any shame, I opened the closet with ease.

I was worried about nothing, it only contained a dress and a picture... So the one who took care of me is a female. That makes it harder to say thank you. When she comes back home, I'll repay her for her kindness by any means necessary!

I may have a dreadful personality, but I have morals too. I try not to keep favors and promises. I'm the type of person who can't stand the thought of being indebted to someone, so I repay it at all cost. I'm a terrible person from a sinful society, but I still have a handful of morals to protect.

I want to know more. I know it's a female, but I want to know what this girl looks like. Looking at her photo shouldn't be a crime, right?

I grabbed the photo in the closet. "Find your happiness." written on the back...

What an unsavory coincidence... These are my father's last words; what's it doing in this girl's photo? That bastard fate... but there's no point querying about. Now back to the objective... I want to see her face.

I flipped the photograph and... It's shining bright! But it's not supposed to be!

"Oh, cute."

My desire has been fulfilled! No... not that type of desire. Everything is going in my favor!

She looks human, so that means there are humans in this world too, and she appears to be the same age as me! I shouldn't be celebrating! How am I going to thank her if I can't keep a conversation?!

I can imagine it now... I'll collapse out of nervousness. I'd preferably freeze hell with only my breath than talk to a female.

"I'm... home..."

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