I Wrote a Poem and Now I'm Stuck in Another World with an Idiot.
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I Wrote a Poem and Now I'm Stuck in Another World with an Idiot.


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What is I Wrote a Poem and Now I'm Stuck in Another World with an Idiot.

Read I Wrote a Poem and Now I'm Stuck in Another World with an Idiot. novel written by the author Andry_Reyes on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, adventure, isekai, teen, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The life of a pessimistic seventeen-year-old took a 180-degree turn after a tragedy occurred and led to him being mysteriously transferred to a new world. Miles Reyes, who has lived an ambitionless and solemn life, now walks a dangerous path filled with troubles ever since his transfer. And while he wanders on unknown lands, he meets a particular idiot who became his salvation. As the two develop feelings for each other and experience many "first," what unfolds is a journey that dives into the machinations of human emotion, and touches on the timeless struggle of every soul, which is the key to finding happiness. This isn't your typical Isekai story. Warning: Contains mild cursing. Covert art by: https://instagram.com/emman_toy?utm_medium=copy_link (Author's status) Good day! As I promised, I'll continue uploading today. I'm not one hundred percent yet, but I should be able to write like usual. Once again, I apologize for making all of you wait this long, and thank you for bearing with me.


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aright!!! time for this one's most honest review!. First, the title surely caught me--how can it not be--it was detailed enough to be able to haha. Second--- including some philosophy or the whatnots in novels are too underrated to most popular ones but I love it!! so yep yep I'm in. (one novel that talks about several things like this is I'll Show You a Villain, so I got hooked with it too) Third! Oh I love Miles hahaha, come on we all love laidback characters---cant be so sure on the later chapters but he is on the early start so Id say it nonetheless. All in all, your writing although not perfect (cause no ones perfect >•>) attracted me to continue reading, although the occasional overthinking of this guy could be tiresome enough to make me sigh--only a little. In simpler terms, Please give us moreeeeee!!


Your words just flow like river and its taking me with it🤧🤧I almost cried the 2nd and 3rd chapter...why there should be tragedy its so sad🤧but its so good...It deserves a place in my heart🤧


The start was so deep and I thought I was being sucked into the philosophical world and thoughts but it soared off the charts when I took a 180 degree turn. That was so relatable!!!


I recommend this to everyone who have a teenager lonely life, this novel inspire me to do better in life and whats the purpose of life in many different aspects. ria ily.


The start is a little bit slow, but over time, it keeps better and better. The storyline might not be a forte of some readers, but overall, I like it. The pacing is quite good actually, better than some of the stories I've read so far. Anyway, give the novel a try, the book has more than it can offer.


It's really great!! I just started reading so I can't tell about the whole, but the starting is really good and interesting. I really appreciate your work, you're doing great!. Keep it up author! :D


Nice plot. Would recommend to anyone who likes reading, looking forward to the next chapter. Hope you all the best in your writing career :) <3


While I was reading the novel, I was very shocked because I didn’t expect it to be very amusing. I recommend this novel to readers who likes deep thoughts !!


This is a great novel, how author tell the story is interesting for those that look for a good novel to kill time i would recommend to read this !! i can promise you would'nt get dissapointed !!


I added this to my collection since I love how the story goes on. It is well-written (few errors like commas) but overall it is very good. I am interested in what will happen to the mc.


I love the way you wrote a qoutes after the chapters it gives me goosebumps I also love the story!! you realky did a good job! looking forward for the another chapters! I also added it to my library! keep it up!


I envy your writing style it was so good! There were times when you switched to present tense from past tense that left me confused but besides that everything was amazing. I'll add it to my library and probably read it on my free time, I think? Miles was such a great character I love how he could touch me with his emotions! Highly recommend!


it's a refreshing take, I for learnt a valuable lesson, Aline, in the first chapter. the first paragraph of the novel is quite appealing and keeps the reader in tune, well done.


Oh My Gooddd!! Man that was so deep!! I mean i had to read the first two paragraphs twice... your words and philosphy are truly something!! And your view on this world is beyond my thougjt process... but i srsly liked it... keep it up🙌


At first reading your proloague i was amazed. You are very philosopic i think. And your story line also good. Easy to read. Keep it up author. [img=exp]


author exactly knows how to pull audience in... like i can't stop reading this work... everything from the writing skill,details are just great...looking forward to the rest chapters <3


this is absolutely magnificent. I can't even find the perfect word for this amazing work of art. Keep it up!.........,........,..and great character designs.


On the surface, it's just a story about two idiots, but really it's about two broken teens. It's a really great work for the author to be able to write something like that. Yes, there are occasional moments of silliness but it doesn't take away from the story, and in fact, adds to it. The writing style is good, a little improvement would be nice, but the story is still nice as it is, it doesn't particularly hinder the enjoyment you can get out of it. If the author keeps it up, I might become an avid reader! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ


This is so great, everytime I start a new chapter I can't stop until I finish it, this book is so great. I like very much how the main character reacted when being transported to another world.


Like the detailing and the poem like paragraphs there... Interesting concept and astonishing progress per chaps... The world background is not confusing but you could easily get hooked... Recommended.


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