1 The Worst is yet to come


"what you asked me to do Noah", I mumbled. Noah is a big jerk but maybe he won't yell at me this time. who am I kidding that is what you thought the past hundred times you go something wrong. well you did only get the flowers wrong.

"No I said that I wanted White flowers Not Pink"

"I am sorry I can fix it."

"No you have already done enough, I want Annie to love it ." Noah says as he points to the exit. I wish Annie was here I think to myself. Annie is supposed to marry my brother Noah, she is the nicest women ever and I mean ever to live. It makes me wonder how she loves Noah the worst person on EARTH.

As I walk out of the church I hear him telling his Friends about how annoying I am and how needy I can be. I roll my eyes and walk on to the lawn in front of the church. as I sit the wind hit my back and pushes my hair into my poor eyes. wow even the wind hates me. But I Sit there still as I can thinking about how many time Noah needed something.

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