I won't birth your baby, go away! ( No full ) Book

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I won't birth your baby, go away! ( No full )


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Novel full: https://www.webnovel.com/book/i-won't-birth-your-baby-go-away!_21275986705791005 A standard young man of society, the favorite son of the most prestigious and wealthy family. After a night of endless drunkenness with a strange man, he suddenly found out that he was pregnant. For some reason, a guy who lived 23 years in the world suddenly started to panic about his true gender. Having a headache, looking at my stomach, I hate to cut down that idiot, why am I so gentle, I should have chopped that idiot up and gave it to the dog to eat. Sad is sad, angry is angry. But it's still my baby. When I met him again, I smiled and didn't care anymore. _____________________________________________ Tran Canh Yen: "Turn." Huynh Dong Khanh: "Darling, don't be hot, does your child make you uncomfortable?" Tran Canh Yen: "Spirit, this man did not give birth to you. Get out before I cut you to pieces." Huynh Dong Khanh: "Where is the good boy, do you want to eat mango or tamarind..." The broom flew into his eyes, he was kicked out of the door.


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