I Woke Up In A Completely Different World!I Woke Up In A Completely Different World!

I Woke Up In A Completely Different World!

by Tadashi_Yoshida

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(Please read the Auxiliary chapters if you'd like to understand the kind of story this will be about.) Steven Omeo was an everyday high school student. One day, he was walking home with his friend when a girl suddenly begs them for aid. Little did they know it was a trap and attacked when they were alone. William, another friend, witnesses it and gives Steven enough time to graze her with a metal rebar. In retaliation, she stabs him multiple times, almost killing him. He finds himself in a dark void, with only a small light in the distance. Little did he know that he'd wake up in a completely different world... ----------------------------- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SOFGames

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