1 Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

There's no doubt about it.

Those eyes. The expressionless scowl. That hair, shaped like a duck's butt.

That's the face of Uchiha Sasuke.

For what must've been the hundredth time since coming back to the Uchiha manor. I have stared into this mirror, wishing dearly that this is all just one ridiculous dream. Hoping that, any minute now, my alarm clock would wake me up.

But no matter how many time I look, the same face still stare back at me. His face. Now mine. I have no choice now but to accept it. This is my reality now.

I am in the world of Naruto. A fictional world that exists within the pages of the popular manga Naruto. I've read the manga and watched the anime. I've also read many fanfictions. Seen my fair share of MCs being reincarnated into this world. But never, in my wildest dreams, did I think that I too would come here.

I've tried thinking back on my last memories. Back when I was Adam Walter. Thirty years old virgin and otaku. Spending my days watching anime and reading fanfictions. Criticizing everyone's fanfiction for the slightest mistakes. Never having the courage to write my own.

I remember it was just another night of watching the latest anime. Having eaten nothing all day, I mustered up the bare minimum of efforts required to prepare a cup ramen.

I remember finishing my anime. The cup ramen, laying cold and unfinished on my table. Making one last scowl at it, I decided to just go to bed.

I remember laying down on my hard and uncomfortable bed. Draping the raggedy mess that is my blanket over myself. And not for the first time, I thought back on my life and how I've ended up where I am. Where did it all go wrong?

Finally, I remember wishing that when I wake up it would be to a different life. A new life. A better life. And then, darkness claimed me.

With a final sigh, I resigned myself to my fate. Stepping away from the mirror, I make my way back to my room. My mind going a thousand miles an hour. What am I suppose to do now? How am I going to survive in this crazy world? What am I suppose to do? Oh God, how do I avoid Orochimaru? What am I suppose to do? Do I continue and become a ninja? What am I suppose to do?

Stop! Calm down! Deep breath. In. Out. In. Out.

First let's take stock of my current situation. From the beginning.

Thinking back to when I first woke up here in this world. It was the weirdest experience in my life to wake up and find that I'm in a different body. Especially such a young body. I've never felt this light and limber since I was a child. It was strange to no longer feel the dull ache in my lower back that has been a constant companion of mine all these years. I can even see my feet now that it's no longer obstructed by the paunch of a stomach I've developed from years of junk foods and energy drinks.

Even weirder was the people dressed like doctors and nurses fussing over me when I first woke up. But these guys didn't dress like any doctors or nurses I've ever seen in my life. Was I somehow in a foreign country?

Then some old dude dressed in the weirdest robe I've ever seen came and sat down by my bedside. He introduced himself as the Hokage. Struggling through the splitting headache that was slowly building and this old guy's introduction, I was beginning to connect the dots.

He started asking me if I had remember anything from the night before. Not being fully aware yet of the full situation, I figured that I should act ignorant. He then told me that my older brother had turned traitor and kill my whole clan. Even our parent and that I was the only survivor.

Leaning further into the ignorant act, I started asking my own questions. What clan? Whose brother? Who died? I must've sold it well, because he started to give me that look full of sadness and pity. This was probably the pitiful grandfatherly looks that Dumbledore gives to Harry all the time. Or I suppose he probably gives this same look to Naruto too.

I read somewhere that one of the early stages of grief was denial and this must be what they're all thinking now. which was good, because they left me alone after that.

It wasn't until a few days later did the doctors deemed me healthy and mentally stable enough to go home. Fortunately, I had already started assimilating the memories of this body's previous owner. Not everything was clear yet but enough to at least get home.

Home. An entire district within the village set aside for the Uchiha Clan. A clan that now consisted of only my older brother Itachi and I. My brother, who became a traitor after killing everyone in the clan to prevent a Civil War as well as shouldering all of the blame by himself.

So, in summary, I am now in the world of Naruto. I don't know how I got here. But I'm here now. I am no longer Adam Walter, Otaku virgin extraordinaire. I am now Uchiha Sasuke, Edgelord of Konoha and slayer of little girls.

However, the important question now is.

"Where is my gold finger? My gift packs? My system!?"

"Come on God! Buddha! Allah! ROB!?"

"Wait a goddamn minute!" Why is my floor glowing? There's something glowing. And it's getting brighter and brighter.

That looks suspiciously like a magic circle.


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