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I Wish...


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There is an old story about the Meru hills and the well which is situated deep in its jungle. They say if you wish something and toss a coin in the well, your wish will reach Yaksha through those coins. The fishes which swim in the well choose those coins which contain wishes, that are not driven by greed, grudge or something which can imbalance the law of nature. Those fishes take the coins to Yaksha, who can hear the wishes through the coins and grants them. However, if you ever encounter Yaksha, he asks you to make any wish, but there is only one correct answer to that. And if you fail to give the right answer, then your fate is sealed. The life of Holo, an introvert guy, and Lily, a free-spirited girl, gets intertwined with the age-old legend. Find out to what extent, the introvert guy can go to experience love. Can he change Lily's fate? And can he gather the courage to express his feelings for her?


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