1 Prologue

"THERE is a rumor that he is dating Cedrick Santos."

"Oh my god! Is that true?!

"What the fuck?! I can't even!"

"Don't tell me I have to puke."

Those were just some of the things I heard while walking down the hallway. The girls were looking at me disgusted and some were mad at me because of the rumor.

Although the rumor is not true, they still think that I am dating Cedrick Santos. I said to them that it's not true but who am I to make them believe me?

I lost my friends just because of that crappy rumor. My ex-boy best friends were avoiding me, while my ex-girl best friends were so mad that they started bullying me.

Who the fuck even started that rumor? How would I date a famous, handsome, and rich Cedrick Santos? I confessed to him one time but he ignored me like I was a wind that he couldn't see but could feel my existence. It stings.

All I want is to disappear from this planet and stop the hurtful words that they are saying to me (even though they still whisper it).

Agh! Why am I still alive?! I'm so tired! Tired of the judgemental people. If I knew this was going to happen, I wished that I didn't exist.

It's nightmare Monday (again). As usual, I can't be absent because I'm maintaining good grades this semester because if I fail, I would be removed as a scholar of the school.

I rushed to my classroom and sat at my desk near the window. The first class will start any minute now and all I'm going to do is wait.

Hopefully, this day is going to be over.