I Will Protect You This Time Book

novel - Historical Romance

I Will Protect You This Time


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To unite two nations, I was used as a tool by my own family, for a political marriage with the crown prince of the Fellmirr Empire, an empire led by werewolves.  Although my husband was sometimes cold to me, my days there were peaceful. I was happy. But then, my family used me to assassinate my husband and framed me as the culprit. In the end, I was brutally tortured and killed by the people who share the same blood as me… By the people of my land.  'Why? Why only me? I never asked for anything. I didn't even ask for your love, Father. I did whatever you asked me to. So why? Why did you do that to me?  If I ever get a second chance, I'll never let them use me. And if… If I could, I would never let you die, Leonus!' Gasp* "What is this? Where am I? How am I alive!?" When I woke up I found myself in the past, before the time I met Leonus. "This time for sure, I will never let my family use me. And I will protect you this time... Leonus!" But what is this? My husband who was cold to me time to time changed!  "Bell, don't even think about leaving me! You don't know how crazy I can be for you." Why is he like that? #Action #Travel_Back_To_The_Past #Fluffy_Romance #Obsessive_Male_Lead #possessive_Male_Lead #Smart_Female_Lead #Trashy_Family  Warning: Some chapters might contain violence or mature content! No rape though. The Artwork belongs to the rightful artist.