I will Love You Forever Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

I will Love You Forever


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MATURE CONTENT AHEAD. We are married and belong to each other but how come I don't remember being married at all? Ayla, a beautiful girl from Salem village losses her mind when her stepmother sells her to an old ugly man, Mr Parker but following a series of massacres in the village, on the day she is supposed to be given to Mr Parker, The monstrous werewolf, Gerard Jarek claims that he would only stop the attack as long as she is given to him as his wife. What would Ayla do to escape the clutches of this beast? Would she accept him as her husband or find another way. Is she as innocent as everyone thinks or is she a badass girl with an innocent face? New book here. Do well to vote and enjoy. PS, This book cover isn't mine shout out to the owner.