1 I Died

{Hi if your reading this boring introduction.}

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I'm what you call an ordinary boy my name is Gin Kamibami, yes I'm a Japanese boy born with an ordinary but loving parents and grandparents I also have an older brother even if he hides it I'm pretty sure he cares alot about us and for the last as they said save the last for the best my CUTE LITTLE SISTER ok calm down. I'm pretty sure i sound like a creep there I hope there is no one knocking at the door, ahem you may wonder why I'm talking to myself well I just so happen to die.

I just finished school and I'm about to go home then I got struck by a freaking lightning so cliche and suddenly an old man prostate himself and said he is a God.

Ahem do you believe it if there is a god prostrating in front of me. Even though I read anime, manga and fanfiction it's still pretty shocking well an ordinary guy suddenly have a 'Mighty God' prostate in front of him who wouldn't be shock unless you have a mental problem or etc.

"Umm so what now?" I said while feeling confused.

(A/N: I'm pretty lazy so I just put the name God)

"You young mortal die because of my fault thus I give thy chance to have another life." Said the God.

"You mean reincarnation or transmigration." I said while feeling a little bit excited.

" *Nod* You can choose what type to have another life." Said the God with a smile.

"Then I choose reincarnation but I have a request." I said while making a pitiful expression.

"Ok I can do that as long as it is within my capabilities." Said the God.

'So even god cannot do everything huh'. "Then can you make my family forget me and erase my family's face, name and my feelings for them because I'm sure I cannot live a happy life if I'm always thinking of them." I said with a sad smile.

"So you thought that far huh well it is within my capabilities so I can do it." Said the God.

"Then what type of world do you wanna go to? A fantasy world, modern world etc." Said the God with a questioning face.

"Hmmm do I have some powers?" I said with a questioning face.

"Well you can spin the 'Wheel Of Life' Three times one for power, one for equipment and one for talent." Said the God with a tired face.

'Well it's not my fault you didn't explain it all at the same time.' I think while seeing the God tired face.

"Ok can I spin the equipment first?" I said.

After I said that a wheel suddenly drop down in front of me. I immediately panicked because of that I dropped down to the ground if there is.

"Whoahh! Can you at least warn me if something like that is gonna happen." I said with a startled face.

"Well I thought it is interesting so I do it and your reaction is really priceless hahaha πŸ˜‚." Said the God while laughing.

A vein pop out in my forehead and I said.

"Oh really what's so funny in that."

The God immediately stop laughing and said with a serious face.

"Well then shall we spin the wheel now."

'This shameless God switching the subject' "hah well here we go." After I said that I immediately spin the wheel.

After a long time the wheel finally stop to a equipment that named as 'Incursio'.

"Well it's not bad next." I said.


After a long time of spinning this is all I got.

Equipment: Incursio

Talent: Painting

Power: Painting Magic

Well this is what the description of the abilities of all.

Incursio: Due to its origins as the Danger Beast Tyrant, Incursio possessed an aptitude for adaptation and evolution. Aside from its standard capabilities, it continued to evolve as the result of battles against several opponents, gaining new forms and abilities as time goes on. Due to being a full body-armor, Incursio had a near-indestructible defense with the only thing able to pierce it being other Teigu. The armor also greatly enhanced the user's physical abilities such as speed, strength, and agility. The users of Incursio were also able to wield a long spear or halberd-like weapon called "Neuntote" which was capable of cutting through Danger Beasts with ease.

Well painting I don't need to tell you cause I'm sure you already know it.

Painting Magic: Is a magic that allows the user to generate and manipulate paint.

Well I'm pretty satisfied of the results of my spin because I'm gonna go to a modern world. I mean why would I freakin go to another world that I'm not familiar with I'm sure some people out there is gonna say why don't you go to a fantasy world well fuck you why would I go to a world full of danger when I can go to a peaceful and least dangerous world I'm not some guy out there that is seeking death. I want to live a happy and peaceful life well enough monologuing.

"Well can you please choose the world your gonna live in now because I have something to do." Said the God with a bored face.

"I choose the modern world." After I said that I immediately burst into a particle of light.

"hehehehe even though it's a modern world doesn't mean it's without danger well I hope you can achieve your peaceful life hahahahah." Said the God while laughing creepily.

After the God said that another appear God and said to him.

"Really Loki another unfortunate mortal that got trick by you well I hope you good luck young mortal."

After the Other God said that he gave Gin a blessing of 'Good Luck'.

"Well Loki let's go the other Gods have already gathered to the Party." Said the Other God.

"Ok ok let's go already." Said Loki while having an expression of excitement.

After Loki said that the Other God or otherwise known God Of Luck released sigh helplessly.



Loki is the God of Mischief to some people who don't know it.

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