1 Prologue: My untimely death and sudden reincarnation

Prologue: My untimely death and sudden reincarnation

Honestly I had a pretty nice life, these 21 years were so good to me. Without a doubt I did meet a few problems along the way such as losing my mother to cancer and struggling to live without her staying with my relatives who ended up keeping the inheritance money for my upkeep. I did manage to adjust living without her! It was around that time when I was a teenager that I became engrossed with video games and even more with anime. Are?Sorry for the late introduction I tend to forget myself when thinking about the past sometimes my name is Yukiyo Shinohara, I am a 21 year old full fledged hikkineet ahem I mean house guard who safeguards her house all day long. Because of the inheritance money that was given to me when I was old enough I've started to live comfortably in my home to the extent I am content with life. I don't need school to succeed in life. Friends? What's that? Is it something you can eat?I don't need those!!!All I need in life is food, anime, games and most importantly the internet, nothing else but you didn't come here to hear me selfishly rant didn't you. I'll begin by saying this, every day I play a single game known solely by the name: Sword Fantasy.

This game like many others of its kind are all inside of the collective term known as VRMMORPG which allows the player to dive into the game and play as their in-game character, the entirety of the game takes place inside of the world of Viola. My game character you ask? IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DARK ELF!!A dark elf with long platinum blonde hair, crimson red eyes wearing a white dress like battle armor. I have somewhat of a big reputation within Sword Fantasy as people call me the Dark Snow Princess due to me being high leveled in ice and snow magic, I am pretty proud of that by the way. But why in the world a dark elf you ask? BECAUSE THEY ARE WONDERFUL AND FANTASTIC!!!Dark elves are far stronger than elves, they are more agile and dexterous and can easily live for more than a thousand years far past the time an elf is alive. Ahh ♪ How much I love dark elves ah don't mistaken that I would hate light elves oh goodness no I love them too!The traditional blonde haired elf with their petite bodies and caring nature!! Ahem back to the main issue at hand, on a relaxing weekend one of my online friend had visited me at my home in Sword Fantasy.

"Don't you get tired of being a dark elf?"

"No do you get tired of eating bread?"

"Sometimes yeah but why don't you like change into a cute looking blonde elf. I mean you looked great at that event when everyone was a different race than what they were supposed to be. Everyone even followed you like a herd of ducklings when they saw you"

"Meh. I just love this appearance Ethan"


"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!Our usual chat is like this you know?"

"Of course I do that is why I come online after all"

"How is work?"

"Good I don't know about you?"

"Fantastico ♪

"You are busy being lazy ain't you?"

"Ara?How did you know?"

"Cause you are an idiot that is why"

"No I am a genius in my own right."

"Anyway you stay well I am going to go offline a bit work related stuff

"You are gonna die from work"

"If its something I enjoy I would do it gladly anyway bye"


I log off and head downstairs to drink some water before going to bed, instead of an empty kitchen what I saw was a burglar with a kitchen knife in hand as he was about to put it inside of the large bag he was carrying, having seen me. He quickly rushed towards me before I could make my futile attempt at running away. Well I did a bad job at protecting the household. Due to the pain I began to black out as the coldness began to creep in my body before dying I had managed to press a button that would alert the police of break-in. So take that you dumb thief!


I felt like I was being woken up from sleeping, for how long I do not know but the song was mysterious and for some reason it sounded like it was being sang in Japanese. Like a baby I tried to move my body but I was unable to move it the way I wanted to. Ah you have reached this far and now you know just about everything, so what the hell happened to me?!


The song seemed to be getting weaker and weaker by the moment until it eventually stopped all together. Hey it's not my problem I am in a comatose like state!!Hmm it seems the reincarnation thing happened, I wonder what my status would be like right now? As soon as I had spoken out those thoughts, a familiar game menu appeared before me.

『Yukiyo Shinohara

Age: 0

Race: Slime

Lv: 1

Skills: Area Scan | Absorption|Dissolve| Object Detection|Appraisal』

Hou?So I have really gone off and died huh?Becoming a slime and not a dark elf even? This ain't a joke you know?!!I wanted to so badly shout that out but I had to calm down because me at the moment could be killed again without a single thought as a grinding tool, alright now I am definitely sad and depressed!But I cannot let this pull me down!Time to use the aforementioned skills! I still couldn't see that much because I do not have eyes of course.

" 『Area Scan』 『Appraisal』"

『Now scanning the area and appraising all within the area scan radius』

An intelligent sounding voice appeared in my head as it spoke fluently in Japanese with me being glad that it wasn't in some foreign world language.

『Appraisal complete. Water Dragon Lv 115 (5 km). Giant Lv 109 (8 km). Orc King Lv 97 (10 km) . Goblin Chief Lv 50 (3 km). Corpse (400 meters) 』

Uwah there's a lot of scary monsters ahead of me, just how much of an area did Appraisal-tan span out?I asked this as I began to move my body towards the corpse which was way closer to myself. I couldn't see so I had no idea where I was going. Man I sure wish I had a bat's echolocation right now.

『Skill Echolocation Has Been Acquired!』

Eh?Ehhhhhh?!Its not that easy getting skills you know Appraisal-tan!!!!!!!!I retorted to Appraisal-tan's ridiculousness.

『Yukiyo Shinohara

Age: 0

Race: Slime

Lv: 1

Skills: Area Scan | Absorption|Dissolve| Object Detection|Appraisal| Echolocation』

Oi oi its really there!!!I seemed to scream as the skill displayed itself in my mind's eye view. Well I guess it can't be helped let's use the skill and find where this corpse is. Hmm?!It's close after all!All I have to do is walk er slither um crawl (?) towards it. I tried appraising the corpse whilst I was getting closer and closer to it but all I got was the initial description that Appraisal-tan gave me. I wonder if its an animal, since this could be a forest it might be a wolf or a fox I wanted to be those as a child , oi don't think of me being a furry I just liked those animals I didn't buy a suit! When I got close enough Appraisal-tan rang me up again.

『Skill: Absorption Active! Begin Absorption? Yes or No』

Hmmmm its quick but if it means I can gain a set of eyes then its good I won't have to worry much about it, yosh let's do this!

『Absorption has begun. Required Time To Process and Incorporate Physical Appearance, Skills, HP and MP, Fusion and Evolution of Specific Skills: Absorption, Area Scan, Appraisal, Object Detection Into Main body: 24 Hours. Now Entering Cocoon State 』

Uooooooooooh?!I knew this was a bad idea!!I should have said no!!Appraisal-tan cancel this please!!My conscience began to fade once more as I was wrapping myself onto something with the process of something beginning to form inside of myself.

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