Waking up with a huge head ache is not funny. Irritant, Mei Yu look at the pure white place until her eyes saw a cute little puff ball staring at her.

"Hello~" the puff ball exclaimed.

Mei Yu gaped the weird creature, "What are you? Where am I? Why am I here?"

"I am system 223 save the villain system by being a virtuous mom. You had been selected to save villain Feng Ruren and his family from total destruction" he chirped.

Lin Mei Yu can't believe what she is hearing. Apparently, system is real. Transmigrating is real. Now she is stuck in the novel she love so much. She is given a chance to give the poor villain a life he so deserved.

"How can I help them? The original mother is very poor and the villain's father is injured. I think I need freebies." She said bluntly.

The system 223 gave Mei Yu a smile. "Oh you don't need to worry about that we change a few things regarding the novel. Listen carefully." A black board appear and system 223 look a lot caterer wearing a tuxedo.

Changes in the novel by System 223

1. The original mother of the villain's family is very richest.

2. She has a big dowry consisting of farm lands, jewelleries and three big stores in town.

3. She is good in business thus her stores is very rich.

4. The original was forced to marry the villain's father due to the original's father life debt to the villain's father.

5. The original's husband family is very poor but harmonious despite their rank in life.

6. A magical space is included in your body. The space is full of things from your other world as a freebies.

Requirements of System 223

1. Save the villain by giving him a good childhood.

2. Be happy.

Mei Yu felt happy knowing that this life is her second chance. She could help her beloved baobao and be happy.

"Do you accept? The system asked cheerfully, "Failure to accept will cause your soul to pass on the afterlife."

Mei Yu sweat dropped, but hurriedly accept.

"SYSTEM 223 ACTIVATED." A mechanical voice exclaimed before everything turned black.


Lin Mei Yu was awaken by a loud cry. Seeing the ancient but beautiful looking room, Mei Yu knew that everything was not a dream. This is the personal room of the original owner of the body. Thinking about the cry she hurriedly went to the source. She went inside the broken down house of the Feng Family where her husband and children are staying.

"What happened?"

Everyone in the room look in surprise seeing the third daughter in law. Mei Yu saw her father in law shivering in bed. Seeing that there is no doctor while her mother in law look like her man already died, she frowned.

Turning to her eldest brother in law, "Go and call Doctor Yu." She said coldly.

"We have no money left." The man said in shamed, while the others waited for the ridicule that sure to follow knowing the attitude of the third sister in law.

"I said call him. Did I asked you if you had money"

"Mother are you going to pay Doctor Yu?" The future villain Feng Ruren hesitantly clutched the hem of his mother's dress.

Mei Yu look at them and give a humphed. "Li Ren is not around. I can't let his father die due to cold."

Hearing her reasoning, Mother Feng ordered her eldest to call for Doctor Yu. Mei Yu took her one year old baby from her eldest sister in law before ordering Ruren to bring his brothers to her house.


The original Mei Yu had a three room house built as soon as she married in to the Feng. She live alone in the house because she despise Feng Li Ren. Even her babies had to squeeze in her parent in laws house just to live.

Now that Mei Yu had transmigrated in to this world she would take care of her family. Heating her left over breakfast (pork congee and dumplings) she prepared the meal for her sons.

"Mother are we allowed to stay here?" Ruren asked uncertainly while holding his twin five years old brother Shin and Shen. They couldn't hide their hunger seeing such delicious food.

Mei Yu felt like killing the original owner for neglecting this cute babies. "Always listen to mother and be good. Mother will treat you better." She said before feeding her youngest with milk.

Ruren and along with his brothers hurriedly eat their food in fear that their mother will change her mind. On the other hand, Mei Yu is currently thinking about buying clothes for her babies as well as fixing the broken down Feng house without stepping on their pride.

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"Third sister in law, Doctor Yu is here.' She heard the voice of her eldest brother in law." Mei Yu arranged her clothes and went out leaving her eldest and twin sons eating.

Doctor Yu was already done diagnosing Father Feng when Mei Yu arrived.

"Father Feng needs complete bed rest for five days and to drink these medicine." He looked at Mother Feng unsurely. He knew the situation of the Feng Family and so he doubt they could afford it. "I won't asked for the check-up fee but the medicine is 13 silver. The ingredient on it is quite rare."

The Feng family looked grave even if they sold their animals it would not match the payment for the medicine.

Mei Yu ignored them and gave the doctor 15 silvers. "Please comeback after five days, to check on Father in law."

"Of course" The doctor was shocked when he received the money from Mei Yu. He hurriedly left after giving the medicine to Mother Feng.

"We will pay you back slowly." Mother Feng tried to reassure Mei Yu.

"No need. Ruren and the others will stay in my house." She declared, they couldn't stop her as she left the house.

"Mother will my nephews be alright?" Second brother Feng question his mother urgently.

Mother Feng slumped beside Father Feng tiredly. "What could we do? Li Ren is not here. We can't questions third daughter in law because she is their mother."

"Don't worry mother. I'll send Ruren and his siblings some food." Eldest sister in law comforted her mother in law.

Mother Feng could only worry in her heart regarding her grandsons.


After the commotions with the old Feng house, she went home in a hurry. Her babies was quietly sitting in the table where she left them.

"Mother will grandpa be alright?" her eldest son as mumbled.

She look at her dirty thin babies and her heart ached. How could a mother neglect such beautiful babies?

"Mother spent a fortune for your grandpa's recovery. You don't need to worry. She kissed her babies' head gently.

"Now wait here while I go and get your change of clothes. You three stinks." She said before going to her room.

Mei Yu entered her room. She put her hand on the wall and a door appear. Entering the black door, she is amazed at the vast product inside the room.

"Welcome to 223 Storage room. Please state the item and it will appear in front of you" the mechanical voice stated.

Mei Yu decide to take 8 hanfu and inner clothes, 2 winter outfits, 2 pair of sandals as as well as winter foot wear for each of her baby. She also took 50 kilo of premium rice, 100 eggs, and big jar of salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. Hygiene kit was also taken from her space.

Deciding to bring food to the kitchen, she arrange it neatly before going to the room where she left her babies hurdled.

Ruren and his sibling was puzzled with their mother's behaviour. Usually their mother wouldn't even look at their direction.

"Brother what is wrong with Mother?"Shen asked frightened with his mother abrupt change of behaviour.

The eldest of the siblings doesn't know how to comfort his sibling. Despite being elder than the twin, he is only 6 years old. He couldn't comprehend such things.

"We just have to behave. Don't antagonize Mother. Remember father is not around."

Mei Yu come in with a bundle of clothes in her arms.

The brothers is delighted seeing new clothes.

"Mother, is that our clothes." Shin wrapped his arms around his mother and coaxed cutely.

Mei Yu look at her second son amusedly. The child look so cute acting charming. "Yes. Mother bought it for you siblings. Now let's go to the bathroom. You need to be clean before these clothes."

The brothers happily follow their mother to the bathroom. Mei Yu took a lavender and green tea liquid bath soap and generously poured in to the water. Thankfully there is no bubbles or else her babies would surely freak out. Scrubbing the dirt and the dry skins. Her babies is all clean and smooth.

The Feng sibling was delighted with the soft warm clothes their mother provided them. Obeying their mother, the siblings had their afternoon nap while Mei Yu cook them dinner. The siblings was delighted with their mother change of heart. They hope that her attitude would remain.

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