I Will Eventually Embark On The Path Of No Return Called A Hero

Cyd, a normal man wants to live a normal life without any troubles. But he didn't had the knowledge how to live a normal life in ancient Greek! So, read and know his struggles to live a normal life. --- This is a Translated Novel. The Novel belongs to original writer. --- To read additional chapters, go to -> www.patreon.com/kurato6180

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Chapter 36. God's Plots

I Will Eventually Embark On The Path Of No Return Called A Hero - 36. God's Plots


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In the end, Cyd ran away very simply with the help of Meleager's efforts.

"I didn't knew that crusade of Demon Pig would be so known, that the people would praise me."

This is true because Cyd just came here to not offend Artemis.

This moved Meleager for a while. On the way back with the magic pig, Meleager began to publicize Cyd's deeds. He is both a hero and Prince. His words have a high degree of confidence, so Hero of Pure White began to be aired.

Of course, Meleager didn't know that this behavior made a white-hair Goddess who was going to wholesale wild boars to Calydon pat her ass and go home. In a way, Meleager indeed saved Calydon from the hands of the magic pig.

And then he died...

By his own mother.

But Cyd didn't know about it until much later.

What? I'm going to be famous because of this guy! I'm going to kill him! Eh? He is dead!

But that was a long time ago, and now Cyd has an embarrassing problem.

"Are you going to Arcadia with me?" Atalanta, who turned her back on Cyd, asked in a strange tone.

That sounds like a good proposition, after all Atalanta seems to be coming from Arcadia and she is Arcadia's princess, so there won't be any trouble if he go.

Cyd touched the chin and was lost in thought.

Although he's in super trouble right now, he's not the type to break out.

I refuse, but I can't say so directly, but what if Atalanta directly fires in his hair?

Then be more euphemistic!

"Sorry, I..."


The arrow rubbed Cyd's face and pinned it to the tree.

"I didn't hear you," Atalanta expressionlessly drew a new arrow and placed it on the bow.

"That...Can Ata listen to my explanation!" Cyd raised his hands high.

"I'm listening," Atalanta narrowed her eyes and slowly pulled the bow away, aiming at the location of Cyd's kidney, of course.

"I have to go," Cyd smiled wryly, looking towards his left wrist, "I have to get thirteen blessings from the gods, and now I only get three, Ten blessings left and I can't stop until then."

Atalanta's eyes widened, "You didn't lie to me?!"

"Swear to the gods," Cyd helplessly put down his hands, "This is probably the result of my greed."

I knew that I would need armor that is immune to ordinary curses.

"When will it end?" Atalanta lowered her bow.

"I want to know too, I'll probably die before it's over," Cyd scratched his face.

"Don't die," Atalanta clenched her fists, "You and I still have haven't agreed victory or defeat, if you dare to break your promise..!!"

Atalanta walked in front of Cyd very roughly, and she grabbed Cyd by the collar and dragged him to her face.

"Even if you get to Underworld, I'll catch up with you and hunt you down!"

"Rest assured, I'll never break my promise," Cyd extend the hand hooking Atalanta "Because this is our agreement."

Atalanta blushed, then gritted her teeth and smashed a headbutt on Cyd's forehead.

"You remember me!" Dazed Atalanta dashed into the jungle, looking like a wounded lioness.

"Well, I'll remember, after all, this is me..." Cyd touched his forehead, "The only promise."

"Eh~ and Cyd and Ata's promise~"

Without any sign, almost a woman's weight was on Cyd's body, feeling the soft touch on the back of his head, Cyd was as hard as iron for a while.

"Then do you want to make an appointment with me too~" The snow-white little hand took Cyd's right hand, and then hooked her pinky finger as Cyd did before.

"Artemis-sama, can you stop joking?" Cyd was frozen in place, wanting to cry without tears, for fear of touching the Goddess's body that was completely pressed against him when he moved.

"I'm serious!" Artemis puffed up her face in dissatisfaction, wrapped her hands around Cyd's neck, and shook it vigorously, her long snow-white hair constantly floating in the air because of her rough movements.

Should I... resist? What if the resistance makes Artemis angry?

Cyd, who didn't take any damage at all, fell silent.

Forget it, let's be a wooden man...

Seeing Cyd's expression that I'm still here as a wooden man, Artemis became more and more dissatisfied, "I'm angry, I curse you!"

"Ehhhhhh!" Cyd's mouth opened wide, "I didn't do anything!"

"Because you didn't do anything!" Artemis rode on Cyd raised her fist on his back and kept hitting Cyd's head, "It's obviously not like this when you and little Ata were together!"

I don't dare to treat you like that!

Cyd felt aggrieved and wanted to cry.

"I curse you... er... um..." Artemis bit her fingers and fell silent.

If it is too heavy, she will feel distressed. If it is too light, she will be sorry for her solemnly vowed appearance.

"Is there any chance for me to make amends?" Cyd wanted to cry without tears. He had come to kill the demon pig so as not to get cursed by Artemis, but when the pig died, he still got cursed.

"Okay!" Artemis' eyes shined, she didn't really want to curse Cyd anyway, "I'm going to... uh... um..."

It seems that now she has a crush on Cyd and is not interested in anything other than that.

"Why don't you let him get a treasure to please you?" Athena in a Greek robe happened to appear beside the tree where the arrows were nailed, and she pulled the arrows out. While showing a kind smile, "But this treasure must not be too easy to obtain, otherwise it will not be a punishment."

Cyd's face darkened, he had already expected what would happen next.

"But I don't want anything more..." Artemis is beloved by Zeus, as long she says something she's can get everything she wants.

"It's good to have that one thing," Athena walked slowly to Cyd, moved towards Cyd, and showed a charming smile, her red lips lightly said two words that made Cyd vomit blood, "Golden Fleece."

Artemis's eyes shined, and for someone in a position where she could get anything but didn't know what to ask for, the sudden appearance of a good offer left her with only this proposal.

"Nice! I want this!" Artemis shook her arms around Cyd's neck, "Go, get me Cyd!"

Watching Athena with the corners of her mouth rising gradually, Cyd nodded helplessly.

Is this plot is against me is also yours, Athena!