I will always be with You. Book

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I will always be with You.



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Yuu.. a young male magicless human who was originated from the normal world is currently enrolled as a student and a prefect of NRC in Twisted wonderland. Despite all of the torments and taunts without magical power, he was able to help and support his fellow friends to save their dormleaders from overblot before it took their lives in peril.. Thus, he succeeded.. He was able to save them in one piece before it happened.. However, while taking a break, even after saving his friends, he didn't save the only one person who was the only family... His younger sister.. If she was alive, she would be 18 right now... The thought about her made him feel miserable and depress and wishes that she was there with him.. The head master finally open a dimension to Yuu's world.. The good news made the boy happy, but he still wants to enroll as a student in NRC.. But the good thing is, he would go to his world for a reason to visit his sister's grave who had been dead for 12 years.. Grim followed along to go to his world to pay his sister a visit. They both return back from the trip.. But they were unaware that her spirit followed them to Twisted Wonderland.

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