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I was young


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What is I was young

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A man dies, meets god, god gives him a cheat, he reincarnated in TDG * I don’t own TDG or any other anime, manga, or novels!*

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giving 5 stars cus i loved tdg but not going to read until chapters hit 15 because all the novels ive seen of yours never exceed 5 chapters good luck hope to be a prospective reader in the future.


Do whatever, I don’t care. Give me stars, don’t give me stars... I don’t care. Well, I do care if you want to give me ideas, suggestions, and even correct me. Just don’t give me BS about how Mc is this and how Mc is that, without an actual reason


If it’s harem then for sure I’ll read and if it has Hentai scene then my power stone will be yours, so far haven’t read it, waiting till ch 15 to binge reading, hope no dropping this time


while the title made me curious , it was when i started reading the story that i really got interested in the novel . at first i was really exited expecting it to be like ' the record of my *** life in another world ' novel , but as i read on the mc started to become less and less of an evil sexual deviant , which really dissapointed me . i still enjoyed the story , it's unfortunate that the author dropped it due to the criticism . i was hoping the mc would use his alchemy to become op and r.a.p.e all the girls


Fuuuuuuuuu, i saw the title, TALES OF DEMONS AND..... And says it updated 11mins ago, dem life! Fuuuuuuuuu, i saw the title, TALES OF DEMONS AND..... And says it updated 11mins ago, dem life! Fuuuuuuuuu, i saw the title, TALES OF DEMONS AND..... And says it updated 11mins ago, dem life!


Standard Wishfulfillment fanfic, you know what you came here for. Awful Grammar. Comedy is just beyond sad. I liked the Depravity and evil from first chapters, the only redeeming quality of this fanfic, but in the latest chapters mc seem to regressed into average Japanese beta. At this rate there will be nothing to read here.


Reveal spoiler


Really want to see how this is going to turn out simply because the babys first words are basically cursing his own Ancestors😂 I hope I see more updates from this and you continue on with this book until the end because it's been awhile since I read something that made me laugh like that since that shameless MC "Yun Che" from ATG


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