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I was the Villain in the book


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Have you ever read a book where you are crying so much like you know there is so much more to the story than what it was written. I was reading this book that my sister bought today and has finished it overnight. I was so hooked that I finished it and cried so much but not for the heroine. The heroine got it all and had a happy ending. She ended up with the Prince by her side and people continue to worship her and support their relationship. But what the hell, I was crying so much for the villain. She died in the end of the book and I was hurting so much for her. Overall if you put yourself in her shoes does she really deserve to die?, she did bully the heroine in their school days and humiliated her in public but the heroine was never alone. The Prince was always by her side and the people loved her. I believe in second chances and the villain’s part, I wanted to know if she ever regretted it. It was not mentioned in the book because the book only revolves around the heroine alone. What about the other characters ? I was crying so much for the villain because she died and her killer was the heroine but people closed their eyes to that fact that the heroine is her killer and engraved it in their minds that she deserved it. It was already 3 in the morning and I was here in my room crying alone. I suddenly heard a voice "If you could go back, would you still want to be yourself?" I stopped sobbing and started to freaked out. Chills run down my spine because like what the heck. I am all alone in my room and I suddenly heard a faint voice I looked around looking for the voice then I blacked out.


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