1 Prologue.

I've always dreamed of being summoned to another world. However, my wish wasn't quite as normal as one may believe.

If one were to ask me what my present situation was, it could be surmised very easily.

It more or less went as follows.

"Hero we have summoned you to slay the demon king."

The moment the king announced it as such, a palace guard burst into the room.

"Your majesty, the demon lord is dead!"


"Your majesty I shittith thou not! The previous hero who we thought was about to die... when he reached the demon lord's castle, he somehow succeeded."

"No way! That was the 45th summoned hero you know! Are you playing pranks with me? The prophecy said he would die a cruel, painful, and agonizing death you know!"

"It's true your majesty. Just as the 45th hero reached the demon lord's castle, the demon lord… he… he…"

"Out with it already you stuttering fool! He what?! Don't keep your king waiting with his panties in a buncheth! Speak now!"

"He... had... a heart attack?" The guard had the most uncertain expression I'd ever seen any man sport.

The room turned dead silent. Like it were all some sort of sick twisted joke of the century.

When I realized the awkward situation I was now placed in, I opened my mouth to break the ice and asked, "then what about me?"

"Oh you? Well… we don't really need you anymore."

"We could send you back, but that would be a waste of the taxpayers money. Seeing as you have no major accomplishments and no one even knows you've been summoned yet, you can just die."

When I heard that there was a way to be sent back I was a bit depressed. What happened to my unable to return and need to find a way back home route? When I registered the second part of his follow up, I felt like someone had abruptly smeared a nasty pile of shit on my face.

Thus, this was how I stumbled onto the path towards becoming the next demon lord.

I mentioned I'd always dreamed to be summoned to another world, right? Well, the reason my wish wasn't quite normal was because rather than being summoned as a hero, I dreamed of being summoned to be the demon lord who slayed the heroes instead.


As for that bastard king who wanted to kill me, I'll certainly burn your kingdom to the ground if I'm given the chance you cheap, slimy prickish royal arse!

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