10 Chapter 7. Part 1.

It'd been two weeks since that crossdresser joined the two of us down here. Occasionally she stared at me strangely from the distance, however, I had no time for her at the moment.

I was presently still trying to find my brain after Yueliang tossed somewhere far off into the abyss. Unluckily for me, a certain terrifying monster stumbled upon my brain. If it just ate my brain all would be good and fine, but for some reason this damned wretched little monster took a liking to it and took it around all over the place. It'd really been quite the bothersome dilemma and I'd been unable to catch this monster all this time.

It strutted about with its large white body, little twitchy nose and its long white ears that propped itself up erect above its head the moment it sensed any form of danger. Whenever the beast's danger instincts kicked in the bugger stood up on its hind legs and looked about in all directions. Every time I saw it I ground my teeth together in rage.

This bloody level 20 Demonic Fluffy Bunny had really been nothing but a nightmare since it first bore its little head out of the ground. At first I easily located my brain just fine when I followed the direction Yueliang tossed it towards, but the moment I bent over to pick it up this little vermin popped out of the ground and ran off with it.

No matter what type of trap I planned out or created, it always fled at lightning speed at the slightest sign that something had gone awry. I truly never knew the fearsomeness of rabbits until I met this one.

Of course, during this time, there were no breaks for me as Yueliang still found me every day. She typically just used me as a means to pass the time. This naturally made it even more difficult to track down my brain. It actually looked like she somehow enjoyed this new form of harassment when I was distraught like this.

I really need to make her fall for me as soon as possible if I want to regain a bit of peace and quiet time. Since there's no way for me to beat her or overpower her in the short term, I'd opted to capture her heart instead. If she likes me then she'd surely become more docile and lay off with the harassment. However, it actually felt like that plan backfired, her forms of harassment grew more and more intolerable by the day.

It was not long before I really questioned whether it was a mistake. Had I misjudged her? Was she actually the type whose harassment increased the more she liked a guy?

Recently she'd even changed up where she drew blood from me. Apparently, it somehow tasted different depending on where it was drawn from. Initially she always drew blood from behind me on the right side of my neck. It was a realization she came to after she licked the blood off of my face two weeks ago.

At first she tested it by moving to the left side of my neck from behind, then she moved to my front and tried both sides of my neck. I still remember how wide her eyes were when she backed away from me shocked by the sudden revelation of a entirely new world. Apparently even when she changed the position of our bodies it also affected how the blood tasted to her.

I was, of course, shocked by her next experiment as well. She took my hand and bit one of my fingers and drained all the blood in my body again. She showed a euphoric look when she pulled her lips away with a single string of saliva connected between my finger and her lips. Damn it! There was a perfect feast before my eyes, but all I could do was be eaten instead of eating.

Haaah. That's besides the point right now though. My real problem right now is how to catch that stupid rabbit that has my brain.

Shouldn't there be an easier way to go about this? To start with, why must the body part be destroyed before it can regenerate anyways? I didn't really understand that part, but I'd always wondered whether there was a way to remotely detonate parts of my body. If there was, wouldn't I be able to regrow my brain instead of having to search for it like this?

Thankfully, after all the brutal torture I'd experienced over my first month here, I'd developed a useful skill called pain resistance. When I asked the former hero about resistances she explained it to me in detail. By continually training your body, if certain conditions were met it was possible to build your resistances up. For example, for heat resistance, you could build up your resistance by tempering your body through direct contact with flames or staying in areas of extreme heat. By raising your resistance to heat, you could prevent your body from getting burnt or even being turned to cinders. It was a simple enough concept to grasp.

In my case, my physical pain resistance had already reached 100% thanks to what Yueliang put me through all the time. However this was just for pain, just because I won't feel physical pain from being burnt by fire, that did not mean I was resistant to fire. One might not feel it, but their body would still be turned to cinders and rendered useless if they bathed in fire.

I more or less understood why Yueliang treated me the way she did at the start. An immortal had their own way to fight, physical pain was something an immortal didn't need. For humans that died easily, pain served as a defence mechanism.

Whether it was intentional or unintentional, she still assisted me in her own way by raising my resistance to pain. She's actually somewhat kind in her own twisted way; I bet she just didn't want to blatantly show it because of her pride as a noble vampire.

As cruel and uncaring as she seems on the surface, she's not necessarily a terrible person. Although, that 100% physical pain resistance, strangely enough, did nothing about a man's Achilles heel for some reason. It's possible it may have been the mischief of the so called gods in this world playing pranks on the little mortals down below.

When I realized how off tangent I'd gotten, I returned to my original train of thought with regards to detonating portions of my body. Perhaps this was another form of guidance from Yueliang in terms of how an immortal should develop themselves. An immortal must forsake his body.

Immortals can discard parts of their body at will and grow them back. If they can do that then can immortals not use those very same discarded body parts as a means of attack?

Now that I think about it, isn't that rabbit actually a bit too intelligent to just be a random mob? How could it possibly avoid all the traps and schemes I implemented to capture it so easily? Could that monster be under her direct control? Actually, to begin with, aren't all monsters in the dungeon under her control?

She'd toyed with me the entire time. Once I realized that she'd toyed with me from the start, rather than anger, I felt slightly amused. She was unable to defeat me in shogi since the playing field was equal, but inside her dungeon the playing fields were completely unbalanced.

It's like playing shogi where I only have a pawn, but the opponent has a full board of pieces to use. It's like she's using a dragon to bully a weak little slime.

Yeah, fluffy bunnies are damn dragons, okay? Don't look down on them just because they're freaking adorable. They are vicious little buggers who'll steal and run away with your brain and never give it back.

Since I was puzzled on how to remotely detonate portions of my body, I seeked out the wisdom of the former crossdressing hero. It wasn't hard considering the area the three of us stayed in was completely flat and barren with next to nothing inside when compared to the floors above us inside the dungeon. The rabbit had recently escaped from the 100th floor where we were; presently it had hidden itself away somewhere inside the gigantic maze on the 99th floor. With the way it was designed, it was impossible for me to find it in a short period of time.

The bosses that occupied that floor… they were definitely not what I expected. It was a special floor in the dungeon that had four bosses; well... there were allegedly four but I'd never heard anything specific about the fourth. I'd learned three of them were female and what type of bosses they were, but the only thing I knew about the fourth was that they were supposedly male. I had a guess as to what the fourth boss was, but I had no idea where that boss was. When I asked Yueliang about it she just chuckled a bit and kept quiet with an amused smile on her face.

Either way, it was far too dangerous for me up there. I really had to admit though, I was amazed how the rabbit survived with all the high level monsters on the 99th floor. I couldn't scratch those monsters let alone flee from them. When I went up there for the first time, I'd gone with the former crossdressing hero. Both she and I were at a loss, we weren't able to even scratch the monsters on the floor above us. Figuring out what level they were at was definitely out of the question. Even with her at level 40, when she checked their levels, similar to Yueliang, their levels showed up as "???". If such powerful monsters were released from the dungeon, how would humanity ever stand a chance? Wouldn't humanity easily be wiped off the face of the earth?

I also asked Yueliang about this, but that time she wore a frown and instead grumbled, "if that happened then the stupid gods would intervene and mess around. They would bestow absurdly powerful weapons to the stupid heroes to balance the playing field. Therefore, to keep my position secure and live peacefully myself in the future, when I escape I've opted to reign in the monsters I brought up and just use them to train demon lords up to a certain degree to avoid making things more troublesome for myself in the future."

She actually sounded pretty lazy when she put it like that. She felt like the type of person who preferred easy mode over impossible mode; but she was right, the gods really sounded like a pain in the ass if they were the types that casually interfered when things looked too one sided.

When I found the crossdressing hero, I immediately got to the point.

"Hey, help me out with something."

"Help you out with what?"

"Rip my arm off."

"What? Why? Do it yourself. No actually, where is this even coming from out of nowhere? You better not have developed any kind of weird detached limb fetishes."

"I don't have enough strength to rip it off myself. You're level 45, right? You should be able to do that much, right? Also, I have no such fetishes."

"Why me? Why don't you just ask Yueliang, I'm sure she would enjoy helping you out with something like this."

"If I ask her she'll just destroy the arm right away and it will grow back. If I asked her to not destroy it, do you think she'll listen to my request obediently? I don't want it to grow back right away because I want to experiment a bit."

"Are you suddenly some kind of perverted masochist who gets off to women ripping your arm off?"

"Although I do have to admit that definitely may have some sort of forbidden appeal to certain individuals, that's not the reason why."


"You're calling me gross? I don't want to hear that from a crossdressing chick."

She glared daggers into my body and as requested, she ripped my arm clean off before she threw it to the ground and spit to the side.

"Peh. Meeting you again really is unpleasant after all."

"Meeting again? You knew me from before? I don't remember ever meeting you before though."

"Like I thought, you didn't even know I existed did you?"

"Sorry, I've met a lot of people throughout the course of my life, unless you were someone who stood out or made a deep impression on me I might have forgotten if we met before."

"What are you talking about? We were in the same high school you jerk!"

"Eh, really? Which one?"

"What do you mean which one?! We spent three years together in the same high school!"

I was troubled, of course I was troubled. Do you have any idea how many times I've gone through high school over the last two thousand years? I've attended quite a few you know, universities as well.

"Uh, what era… no time period… no I mean what year was that exactly?"

"Hah?! Since 2017 you jerk! Because of you I was always second place! I was hoping it was just my inferiority complex back then, but you're really telling me you didn't even know I existed?"

I honestly didn't, I never paid any attention to things like academic standing. They put tests in front of me, so in my boredom I just answered all the questions to pass a bit of time.

Wait, but this doesn't really make sense though time wise. It was still 2019 when I was in our world, but she's been a hero for five years. Unless time doesn't flow at the same rate, it doesn't really add up.

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