2 Chapter 1.

Drip... Drip... Drip...

The only thing I heard was the dripping sound of liquid as it fell from the ceiling above. It splashed off a puddle formed on the ground and echoing loudly throughout the cave. As for everything in front of me; it was complete pitch black, as far as the eye could see. Not a single thing was visible in this spine chilling world of darkness that wore away at your soul.

The only thing I felt was the cold hard floor.

Right now, my objective was to become the next demon lord, one on the level that no other demon lord had ever attained. Now there was only one major problem I must first overcome. I've been tossed into the world's most dangerous dungeon underneath the kingdom to die, all alone without any sort of aid.

Before I was kicked down here, they were nice enough and took the time to explain things to me like they took pride in the task they'd been given.

They took me to a large bottomless pit, but before they kicked me into it, like a certain spartan warrior, they chuckled sinisterly and said, "Hehehe. Kid you're real lucky, you know that? Not many have the pleasure of dying inside this dungeon leisurely like this. This dungeon is the most dangerous dungeon in the world. Normally we use it to train heroes to the point they are strong enough to take on the demon lord. Most heroes go the normal route and start on the first floor. No hero has ever made it to the bottom floor like you're about to. In fact, they usually stop at the 20th floor. After the 20th floor, the danger level spikes significantly and any hero that overestimates their prowess thinking they have any chance past that point for training typically die. However, you my friend, are a lucky man. We have an agreement to send down beings with large amounts of mana within their body to the bottom floor, the 100th floor to be specific, to feed the almighty existence who controls this dungeon."

"This being is far more dangerous than any demon lord that has ever existed in this world. Apparently nobody knows, or at least no one remembers where they came from, but it is said that long, long ago, they were sealed down here by our ancestors. Our ancestors made an agreement with the being that was sealed here. Every year we are to send down food for it to feast on. In doing so, it provides us with a dungeon we can use for both the kingdom's livelihood as well as a means to train the heroes. It also provides us with bountiful blessings for each sacrifice offered, the more mana the better."

"Hehehe, we've never actually sent a hero down there before. The mana in your body is truly off the charts. The benefits the kingdom gets is entirely dependent on how satisfied that mysterious being down there is with the quality of the sacrifices. Usually we send down high leveled convicts captured by the heroes we groom, but a hero being sent down is a first for us since they typically all die before they slay the demon lord."

"You should thank the princess who made such a brilliant suggestion; instead of simply being hung or beheaded, you get to contribute greatly to our kingdom by providing us with countless blessings."

Yeah I really should punch that slut beside the king in the face the next time I see her, if I ever do see her again that is.

Those were a few of the things they explained to me before I was kicked off spartan style into this crappy abyss.

Apparently, I have a lot of mana, or at least all summoned heroes have a lot of mana. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use it. It was also made known to me that all heroes normally get an introduction to a magic academy when they are first summoned or after they go through some basic training in the dungeon. Bluntly speaking, they are fattened up like sheep, only to inevitably be slaughtered by the demon lord.

When I learned of all this, my desire to become a demon lord only intensified. This shitty other world should really have all its human inhabitants slaughtered. They just conveniently summon otherworlders so they can slack off and do nothing. Isn't this far too disgusting and revolting to accept?

If anyone wondered why I was still alive after falling down 100 floors, that would probably be thanks to the floating notification that popped up in front of my chest when I hit the ground which said, "Immortal Object."

I naturally understood what it meant right away. I realized my ass may hurt like hell, but I wouldn't die. It seemed this convenient message meant I couldn't die, but I still felt pain to the point I wished I was dead. I was immensely thankful that my fat ass didn't land on a pole protruding from the ground like one would expect of a pitfall trap used to capture unsuspecting prey. Just thinking about it left me shivering in fear.

Shortly after that, I met the so called mysterious being who I was now food for. At first I was a bit ecstatic as it was a beautiful redhead vampire lady gifted in all the right places, with eyes reminiscent to that of a blood moon, but those expectations didn't last for long.

My joy quickly took a turn for the worst when she came up to me and wordlessly sucked all the blood from my body. I quickly shriveled up like a prune and became an empty bag of blood.

Strangely enough, I didn't feel any pain; rather, it felt unusually pleasurable when all my blood was drained away. When she finished sucking out all my blood, she turned away with the clear intent to take her leave. However, she only took a few steps before a message popped up in front of my chest again,

Just like before it read, "Immortal Object."

The red haired vampire with an unmatched beauty stopped in her tracks and turned around when she detected something unusual. When she examined me again, I was dazed, entranced, and captivated when I stared deep into her blood moon eyes like a drunken idiot. Her eyes drew you in against your will as it tugged at your very soul.

That was also when I heard her voice for the first time. The first word that left her mouth was, "strange."

Her gaze that left me entranced, I could tell exactly what I looked like in her eyes. It was actually really easy to describe, it only took two words in fact, "fast food."

She walked back over to me and once again drained my body of all the blood that instantly regenerated after the immortal object message popped up earlier.

By now, I naturally realized what the cheat like power I was given as compensation for being summoned to this world. I was truly an immortal that could not be killed. I might've been a bit presumptuous to think that so audaciously with this very limited testing method, but after she drained my blood a hundred more times, that was the only possible conclusion I could come up with.

"Such good food exists? Tastes good and instantly regenerates? With something this good, won't I be able to break out of this seal effortlessly? Ha! That damn hero of the past thought he could buy time for his world by sealing me down here. Luckily I successfully deceived him with that stupid agreement of a sacrifice every year so I could slowly accumulate my strength. That idiot probably never thought they'd throw something like this down here as a sacrifice."

"I'm through with offering them compensation to get them to offer better stuff."

"You, kid, who are you?"

I was a bit stunned by the sudden revelation of the red haired crimson eyed vampire girl directly in front of me.

"Are you mentally challenged or something? Can you not understand my words?"

When I still failed to respond, she scrunched up her brows and grabbed my hand. She then ripped my arm clean off of my body. She really seemed to have a bad temper. No, that really shouldn't be my first thought.

Of course what followed was as one might expect.


I rolled around on the ground like a baby in tears. After five seconds, the message "Immortal Object" appeared once again in front of my chest and my arm instantly grew back.

"Oh? So you can say something after all. That regeneration is no joke either."

"What are you doing?! Suddenly sucking me dry and ripping an arm off like that, are you a lunatic?! Do vampires have no decency?"

"Usually when I drain people's blood they'll at least cower backwards and ask what I am doing right away. Because of your lack of response at the onset, I thought you might have hit your head on the way down and became an idiot or something. When I drained your blood, you only put on a stupid pleasurable face and said nothing. Only when I ripped your arm off you finally screamed. I just wanted to make sure you weren't incapable of speech. But, are you actually a bit slow in the head?"

"I'm not an id-"

"Now, answer me, what exactly are you, Mister Food?"

Ugh. At least let me finish. Whatever, forget it, it's true that I lost myself captivated by her like an idiot when my eyes first landed on her. More importantly, "Mister Food? You know, I have a name."

"Oh? But food is food, it doesn't really matter to me if you have a name."

"I have a perfectly good name, please at least use it!"

"Tch. Fine. Fine. What's your name?"

"My name is… Eh? What was my name again?"

"Hahaha what the heck? So you don't even have one after all? Really, why would some nameless fool like you be sent down here?"

"Well… I'm an unneeded summoned hero from another world I suppose. Right after I was summoned, the moment they were about to ask me to defeat the demon lord, a palace guard rushed in and announced the demon lord had perished due to a heart attack."

"Eh? Really? A heart attack... are you serious? Tch. That useless subordinate of mine actually died of a heart attack?! Being sealed down here I can't receive any news from the outside world to verify that information so quickly. Is it time to start preparations to send out a new provisional demon lord? Well, I don't really need to do that now that I have a way to break the seal though."

I felt like I'd heard a lot more ridiculous things just now.

"Although, in all honesty, I'm not really interested in the whole world destruction thing anymore after I've been sealed down here for so long and had time to think things through more clearly. Those little childish whims I had in the past have long cooled down."

I almost couldn't keep up with all the world shattering things that were casually being revealed before me.

"Uh... you just mentioned something about a provisional demon lord and your subordinate, right?"

"Oh what is it Chi Kaban?"


She just pointed her dainty little index finger directly at me like it was only natural.

"You're my blood bag from now on. Hence, Chi Kaban."

After I was begrudging named as such, I decided to let it go. I couldn't remember my name anyways.

I continued on with what I wanted to find out from her and asked, "Who are you?"



"You really want to know?"

"I feel like I know the answer, but I still want to hear the confirmation from your mouth."

"Well… I'm… your lover from a past life?"

"Like hell you are! Who are you really?"

She put on a troubled face and replied like it couldn't be helped, "Look, I am… your mother."

"Can you please be serious?!"

"You really wanted me to say I was your father?"

"Nonono, please stop trying to crack bad jokes here."

"Tch. Fine. Fine. I'll say it. I'll say it. I'm the true demon lord, the progenitor of all demon lords so to speak, you got a problem with that? You happy now? I'm just an old granny that looks young! You trying to pick a fight with me? I'm probably your great umpteenth grandmother for all you know. You should be kowtowing towards me and rejoicing at becoming the food of this great grandmother of yours."

Yep. That actually surpassed my expectations by a mile. I didn't think she'd be troubled over her age with an appearance as youthful as hers. Why do women care so much about a stupid number anyways?

"Tch. Why am I trying to pick a fight with my food? Am I an idiot or something?"

Yep. This totally just happened. Before I came anywhere near my goal of becoming a demon lord, I somehow became the true demon lord's blood bag who was already long forgotten in the present times.

Really? What is wrong with my summoned to another world story?

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