1 My life is shit

My name is Adolf Karmen, i am 24 year old and i live in a small town in England, Norwich. I live in a small house near city with my sister who is 25 year old. We live alone, our parents died 7 years ago in a car crash, after that we had some financial problems but we got out of them.

I strted working as an a game programmer when my sister started working as a streamer, it was 2019 so she was pretty popular. A few months later after i got enough money and made a pretty good pc setup, i started working as a beta tester and being a streamer streamer, it was really good time.

In 2023 came out a game which me and my sister really liked "Dark Guild". Dark Guild was a game made by a fresh game studio "Color Raven". The game was talking about a main character who join a traveler guild named "Lori Fole' ". The guildnwas popular because it was international in a world where wasn't a meaning of word peace. In the end of the game the main character Destroys the "Lori Tole' ", the guild who was the creator of wars.

There were two big groups of fans the first one named "Clear White", and second "Lie is truth". The two groups had clear sights and were enemy in the ingame lore.

The first one "Clear White" were supporting the main character who ended the war between races and human countries, while the other one "Lie is truth", were supporting the main villian who wanted to continue the war to make the world a better place to become stronger, because the evil demons were about to destroy the entire world.

Me and my sister were in diffirent groups, she was in Dlear White, while i was in Lie is truth. We had diffirent views on the world of the game.

Today is 28th November of 2026, the game developers decided to make a continue for the game the "Dark Guild 2: The path of Destroyer". The game would continue is 2 ways either the way where MC loses and main villian wins, either the MC wins and the main villian loses. The fans were curious what was the right path, and as who we will play.

The developers made an ending of a main villian and MC if they only looking at them, and when they saw whaf MC did to main villian the "Lie is truth" group was so pissed, because the MC made the end of the main villian life pure hell.

It was a normal time when fans were sitting in a hall waiting for the start when suddenly. Fans heard something creak from above, they all loked up and saw a metall constructing piece falling down on a pair of people, those two were me and my sister.

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