13 This is pretty cool I can’t lie

Moving through the forest was very boring, after I had killed the players, I couldn't find anymore. I've walked for sooooooo long now, I'm sooooo booorrrred. Who would have thought that walking through a forest without any company would be boring? When my friends get the game in about a month, I'll party up with them. I should also get a message to my mum so she doesn't worry, that's my second priority, levelling up is first. You may be thinking

"Oh Luke you are so inconsiderate, making your mum worry so much and for sooo long. "

But no, each day outside is 10 days in the game, she has only been without me for at most a day. She should be fine for a bit, but I should still probably find a way to contact her, I can only do that if I'm strong enough and able to speak my mum through others. If I get enough fame and popularity I will be able to get a lot of people talking about me and eventually my mum will hear it. Big brain.

But first, levelling up.

After another lonesome hour of walking I wandered upon an area devoid of trees but filled with Panthers, in the centre was 2 larger panthers that had gold streaks through their fur and massive crowns of ivory on their heads. The smaller panthers around them seemed to be bowing and worshipping them, they gave off an aura of majesty and righteousness.

Lv16 Panther Region King


Lv14 Panther Region Queen


Though the Queen was a higher level it had a lower HP, not sure why though, might be that the Queen has magic abilities or is the dps. Walking into the clearing, I was instantly sensed by the tonnes of panthers on the area. Each of the panthers, apart from the King and Queen, were weaker than the Jack I faced earlier.

As if one entity, all the minor panthers leapt at me with ferocity and bloodlust in their eyes. Once the first few were in there air I utilised my ability to control blood and constructed a sword forged of blood and swept it across their throats. More blood sprayed through the air and became my weapons.

With another 20 blood swords added to my arsenal, I sent them flying towards the horde of panthers that were on their way towards me.




Bruh, killing players is sooooo much more rewarding.

With each kill, a new corpse hit the floor and a prompt alerted me of their death. While wearing a menacing smile, I walked towards the King and Queen. This is too easy!


A wave of sound erupted from the mouth of the Queen and sent me flying into a tree.

God that hurt!

Splinters stuck into my back and I readied myself to attack the giant beast, my smile whipped from my face. Brandishing a blood sword, I sprinted towards the pair of Royals through the decimated corpses of their subordinates. A paw reaches out for me and I twist around it, I swing my sword towards the Queen's neck.

Just before it connects with flesh, a massive force smashes into me.


What the hell is thwack?! It turns out my elbow went straight into the King's eye when he rudely interrupted my attempted murder of his partner.

Once again a smile creeps onto my face at the prospect of a proper challenge. It's been a while since I properly fought something, actually not very long but still.

Just like before, I sprinted towards the Queen with the same intent to kill. The King rushed to defend her and the Queen set up a magical barrier in front of herself. Right before the King connected with me, I used [Blink] and appeared on it's back.

"Why hello there!"

My sword plunged into the panthers back as I mocked him for underestimating me, being this powerful is fun. Not wanting to finish the fight so quickly I ripped the sword back out. I want to have fun with this.


A ball of fire engulfed me after the Queen had opened her mouth and released it. Seems she didn't like me attacking her man. Too bad, you're both gonna die anyway.

My skin starts to feel the warmth once I am completely covered in the flames. This would be a devastating attack to receive at point blank if I was a normal player, but I was porn in a pit of lava. This is nothing.

I pelt my sword through the fire toward the Queen's throat, it pierced the back of her throat and exited out the other side. Nasty stuff.


That's a good chunk of XP right there, very nice. Unfortunately I would be able to get the same amount of XP if I killed a Lv6 players sooooo.

Once again I used [Blink] and appeared where my sword was lying. I picked it up and looked back over to the King Panther, he was gently crying over the loss of his wife.

[Panther Region King is enraged]

+100% Attack

Each second he is enraged

+50% Attack

Well crap

[Panther Region King has declared you his mortal enemy - kill or be killed]

Reward: 10,000 XP

Penalty: -2 Levels

This really isn't good, if I loose I'll be level 6 again which won't be fun.

Acknowledging the time limit I have before the panther become suuuuppper strong, I rush towards the beast with my sword in hand. Summoning a minion onto the beast, cuts appear on its back. With fury the King swings wildly and attempts to hit me.

Each time a paw closes in on me I narrowly avoid it, as I twist my body around the massive fur covered arms, I make large lacerations with my sword and the panther howls in pain. Weird, seeing as a panther is a type of big cat.

More attacks descend on me, using [Blink] I manoeuvre around them and reach the King's personal space. Once under it's neck I thrust upwards with my sword and pierce it's chin and brain. If someone was watching, I'm sure it would've looked awesome.

Blood sprayed from the wound and covered me in its redness, still enraged and unable to feel pain, the panther made one final swipe at me.

I was too concerned with how cool I looked to notice the huge paw come towards me.


The paw connected and I was sent hurtling through the forest. I must have been thrown at least 300 metres from where I once was, if really hurt. Jesus Christ.

My entire left arm was shattered and it sent blinding pain all around my body, despite the injury I was determined to reap the fruits of my labour.

I reached the graveyard of panthers whilst holding my arm that brought pure agony in waves through my body. I hate being injured.

Making my way towards the two Royal corpses, I grinned. I had succeeded.

[Congratulations! You have defeated your First Mortal Enemy!]


[Title Gained- Teaser of fate]


+25% of all stats

Conditions: Defeat a Mortal Enemy whilst on 1 HP

What the actual hell!? I'm on one HP?! No wonder I'm in such pain. Oh well.

[Level Up! You are Level 9]

Gained Skill

[Blood Bank]

Stores 20 gallons of blood.

[Level Up! You are Level 10]

Gained Organ!

[Mana Gland]

Creates Mana of a certain Element.

What the Hell?! This is awesome, I can finally proper magic, like a wizard. That would be awesome.

As I click on the prompt for my new organ, a massive list appears. There are hundreds of different elements here, stuff not most people would think of. There is stuff like creation, darkness, of course ya know, the normal elements.

Cough... Boring... Cough

As I scroll down the list a few choices seem interesting, light, healing, life, space, time and tonnes more. There is pretty much anything you can think of.

Which one should I choose?

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