2 My first kill

[Welcome Izroth to Haven]

"Wait WHAT!" I inwardly screamed as I comprehended the previous prompts. After dying I have been reborn as an imp in a game. What does Pocket Dimension mean? Is that what Haven is? Why am I here? How can I still have my memories? What has happened with my mum? Let me think, if I'm in Haven that means that other players will join soon. In 10 in game days from now the first wave of players will arrive and start grinding. Looks like I've got a head start. Mwahahaha I will become the strongest anyone has ever seen and make my dad proud.

Time to look at my stats, teehee

Player:Izroth. Race:Imp

HP: 15/15





Nice, I've got a skill. Wondering what it is I open my skills tab and instantly become disheartened.


Use on an object or creature to see information.


Creates a small pocket in space where items are able to be stored.

Daaaamn. I guess it would have been way too overpowered for me to start with a powerful skill without attaining a class.

Finally becoming aware of where I was, I realised that the lava that I was in felt just like water. Maybe there were plus sides to being an imp. As I looked around the red liquid, I saw other imps swimming about in it like it was the only safe place on earth. Every now and then I would see a huge imp swim up to a smaller one and crush it. The ferociousness with which it killed stunned me, it was completely primal and primitive with no grace involved whatsoever. To be honest it terrified me.

After about an hour of swimming about and exploring the lava pool, I decided to try to kill another imp. But unlike the huge imp, I would use finesse and skill. Like an eagle, I spotted my prey, it was an imp that was around the same size as me and looked a tiny bit stronger than me. I would have to utilise the smartest of tactics to kill it.

As quiet as a mouse, though it's hard to be loud when you're underwater, I swam around 50 metres below the imp. My prey was a dark grey with red eyes and veins of lava running along his body. That was another thing I had noticed, the other imps looked completely different to me. While I was a dark red in colour, most of them were different shades of grey and black. It seems that they are different types of imps and I was just the only blood imp in the area.

[Ash Imp lv1]


Damn it. Is that really all that I can see when I use inspect. Oh well he doesn't seem any stronger than I am.

But back to my preparations. I opened my hands and revealed my slightly sharpened claws, they were a bit bigger than my human fingernails but overall there wasn't much of a difference. As fast as I could swim, I charged towards the other imp and shoved my claws into its back. Blood squirted out of the wound but was quickly dissolved by the lava around me, with a look of anger and confusion, the imp turned to face me.

"Hi there" I said to him before ducking beneath a sharp claw that was aimed for my head. That wasn't very nice. I retreated about 10 feet before once again starting my attack, my claws were extended and just managed to block the new attack that was launched at my stomach. I had caught the imps foot just as it was about to slam into me, with a simple idea, I quickly slashed the tendon that attacked the muscle to the imps leg. As I did a pain slashed across my face and I only saw darkness out of my left eye. That's annoying.

Still with my arms around the other imps leg, I pushed my legs against the imps torso and ripped off the leg. The imp wore a face filled with shock and fear, it started rapidly swinging its hands at me and now and again the claws would scrape across my red skin.

Bearing my teeth, I pulled the imp closer and started to bite and scratch at its hard dark grey flesh. With a newfound ferocity, I started to burrow into the imps chest trying to silence it, all the while having slashed etched into my back and legs. Ripping open the skin, I found a small glowing red orb, I used [Inspect] on it.

[Dark Red Imp Core Lv1]

Can be used for alchemy or increasing skill levels.

OMG. Maybe being an imp isn't so bad. I can use these other imps to get soooo much stronger, Mwahahaha my killing spree shall start with this impudent creature.


A searing pain in my back drew from my thoughts, the imp had managed to tear through my skin and reach the muscles surrounding my spine.

Bleeding status

-1HP for 15 seconds


I screamed in pain and started to grab the imps core. With all the remaining strength within my arms, I squeezed.


A sound wave sent me and the body of the imp flying backwards, I had shattered the core, (and my spine). Pain flared all across my body as if lava had been injected into my veins, though that is a possibility seeing as I was swimming in lava, my skull aches and it was extreeeemely hard to think. Despite this I managed to crack a smile when I read the prompt in front of me

[Congratulations you have defeated a Lv1 Ash Imp]

You have gained 1 XP

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