4 Leaving the Lava pit

[You have died]

[Gained Skill]

[Hyper Evolution]

Every time you die, your body improves to prevent your death. Minimal

Whaaaaat? This is totally overpowered. How can a game even allow this game breaking skill to exist? And with the Imp cores that level up skills, I can improve my body drastically. Hell Yeah!

After reading the effects of the skills, I examined my body with newfound excitement to see how I improved. After 10 minutes of looking, (I know it's excessive) my mood rapidly decreased from excitement to borderline depression. I couldn't find an improvement.

I guess the skill did say that it was minimal changes, either way I was hoping for something a bit more impressive and verifiable. Looks like the skill isn't as game breaking as I thought.

Anyway... back to levelling. Finally looking around, I saw that I was in the same lava pit as I was before, but closer to the bottom this time. I found another Ash Imp and quickly sped towards it with my claws outstretched, my sharp nails pierced through its flesh and gripped onto the Core. I ripped it out and quickly crushed it, choosing to upgrade [Hyper Evolution]

Once I did the Skill gained a kind of XP bar next to it that read 25%

As well as this a new prompt flared in front of my screen and a surge of power flooded my body like when I eat a body.

[Congratulations on reaching Lv2. You have gained 5 stat points for each Attribute as you are an imp]

[You have gained a skill]

[Blood Magic]

You have unlocked the Magic of blood. Learn new blood magic spells or skills to increase proficiency with Blood Magic.

Well that's helpful. I can do sooo much with that seeing as I have a ton of blood magic spells. God damn it. At least I gained a new skill and so quickly after my first, I still haven't gained an offensive skill though which is quite disappointing.

I think I should have a look at my stats

Player: Luke Lv2 0/20 Race: Blood Imp

Strength: 21

Agility: 17



My stats haven't really changed other than the 5 points I was given for getting to Lv 2

Oh well, back to levelling. I'm only 20 kills away from levelling up so I gotta get that grind on.

Employing my previous tactics that I used to slaughter other imps, I quickly kill 4 other Ash Imps and crush their cores.

[Skill Level up]

[Hyper Evolution]

Every time you die, your body improves to prevent your death. Small

Great now it has levelled up and my body can make small modifications. This will definitely become more useful as it levels up.

After killing a few more imps, I thought.

"I should check out the stuff outside this lava pit"

With a grin, I swam to the surface and leapt out of the water. Once I had struck the ground my legs instantly buckled under my weight that was no longer supported by the heavy liquid I once swam in.

[You have left your spawn zone]

[You have lost the protection of your fellow Imps]

Well that's weird. The other imps didn't care that I killed a lot of them and they didn't help when I fought. It's probably because they are used to attacking each other.

Anyyywayyy. As soon as I fell to the ground a huge shadow loomed over me and talons wrapped around my torso like pythons. After being lifted off the ground, a sharp beak closed around my head and snapped my neck, immediately making my HP plummet to 0.

[You have died]

[Hyper Evolution in effect]

As you were unable to escape your death. Enhancements to the players legs shall be made.

Finallyyy. [Hyper Evolution] has taken effect and I have gotten better. I checked my legs to see the changes and saw that my once scrawny legs were now full of muscles. They looked like tree trunks that could crush skulls just by tapping them.

If this is what a small change is, I wonder what the large changes will be. I can't wait.

Time to get to the surface again and gave that terrible bird. After once again leaping out of the lava pit, I saw the bird flying towards me and just before it reached me, I jumped up and grabbed its leg. With all the strength I could muster, I pulled the bird down to the earth.

Once it hit the ground, I heard a few snaps as it's spine snapped. All of a sudden, metal spears erupted from the ground and pierced my arm making it like an imp kebab.


A huge sound wave came from the birds beak and knocked me back a few feet. When I slammed into the ground, I grimaced at the pain and decided to fight seriously. Leaping at the bird with my newfound strength in my legs, I reached out with my claws and pierced the birds chest until it stopped moving.

Congratulations You have Killed a Lv4 Metal Eagle

You have gained 20 XP

You have Levelled Up to level 3

[As a Blood Imp you gain 5 stat points to each stats]

Holy Shit. Excuse my language, but that was a level 4 creature and I killed it moderately easily. Not to brag but I think that I may be a little (a lot) overpowered, this [Hyper Evolution] is just way to game breaking.

I should really look for the birds core though. I couldn't find it when I opened its chest to kill it, after searching the entire body I couldn't find the core.

Maybe it's just an imp thing, or maybe monsters don't drop them? Either way I had been duped out of free skill levels. I was not happy. On the bright side, I did level up and increased my stats.

Player: Luke Lv3 1/40 Race: Blood Imp

Strength: 26

Agility: 22



WHAAAAT?! Not only did I not gain any stats from [Hyper Evolution] I also need to kill 2 more of the eagles or forty imps to level up. This might just be the way that the heavens is punishing me for being to strong. The life of the talented is rough.

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