11 Becoming an inheritor

"I want you to be come my Inheritor"

Wait whaaaaat! None of the designers of the game said anything about this, to be fair they didn't say anything about what was in the game, but still.

"Well don't just stand there, give me an answer!"

"Um I cant answer that as I'm not really sure what the Fallen are, can you please explain?"

"Well I guess that's to be expected, they haven't been ruling the worlds of Horizon of thousands of years. Okay, here are the basics. The Fallen are those that work neither for Heaven or Hell, we are those in-between. All the Imps and Monsters (Mobs) that you have killed are a part of the Fallen. Imps may be descendants from Devils but they were kicked out of Heaven for being too weak, there was in fact a time where the Imps were an extremely strong force that was utilised by the great Lord Hyung of the Fallen. At that time the Fallen ruled all of Horizon's multiple worlds and there was almost unending peace, that was before the residents of Heaven and Hell released their most powerful assets, their Gods, to destroy the Fallen Empire. It was a dark time. War was commonplace and millions, if not billions, of innocents died. The great Lord Hyung knew that the Fallen would be slaughtered so he sent me and the Medallion of Unity to this dungeon, this dungeon was made to keep me and the amulet safe as it is full of Fallen that have forgotten what they are. He sent me here in order to find an Inheritor that would be able to bring his empire back to life, once you bond with the Medallion of Unity, all of the monsters and other races once under the Banner of the Fallen will become your loyal servants and you will be granted the Title of Emperor of the Fallen. The Medallion of Unity is a God Tier Relic, each race has their own but they are all broken up, I was only able to merge all the pieces together by using the chains that connect to it, it took me hundreds of thousands of years and it cost me most of my life energy. It was worth it though, seeing as you will become the Inheritor of the Fallen and rebuild the Fallen Empire (Author Note: See what I did there, hehe), after you bond with the medallion I will leave this plane of existence and you shall deal with the upcoming battles by yourself. The other races will soon have inheritors when the otherworlders come to this realm so hurry and decide, will you become the Fallen Inheritor?

"Sure, why not?" I said with a smile on my face

Walking up to the Medallion, I cut my hand slightly to allow for blood to come out and let it drip onto the massive Medallion as per the Voice's instructions. The Medallion glowed and started to reduce in size, pieces of it started to come apart and float towards me, with searing pain the small pieces joined with my skin and I roared in pain.


A wave of mana coursed through the bond between me and the Medallion, disrupting the bonding and sending pieces flying away, the pieces soared around the room before exiting the cave and dungeon to find a new place to reside. Not Good.

"NOOOOOOOO!" The females voice screamed and slowly faded away as the owner of the voice died.

[Welcome! To all the Players in the game, we, here at Horizon Core welcome you to the worlds of Horizon, we hope you enjoy the game!]

Double not good.

The new players had joined the game and the Medallion would need to be found and recovered.

[Quest Received!

Find and merge with all the pieces of the Medallion of Unity

Reward: All the Fallen are under your command

100,000,000 XP

God Tier Relic


Do you accept?


Obviously I clicked Yes. Once I had done so another prompt filled my vision

[Gained the Title: Inheritor of the Fallen]

+1,000 XP

[Level Up!]

Well at least I'm still the Inheritor and I levelled up, I still need to find those pieces of the Medallion though.

[Pieces collected 35/150]

That's gonna take a looooong time. With my enhanced speed I rushed out of the cave and and back towards the cave I had built, it would seem that leaving this dungeon would have to wait.

As I ran through the forest I had to dodge multiple beasts and hidden monsters, once I had regained all the pieces of the Medallion of Unity, they would all be mine Mwahahahahaha!

I reached my cave and saw a two blood minions standing outside the entrance, they were there to inform me of my militia's success in defeating lava pits. Running over to where my blood minions were, I checked my new stats.

Player: Izroth Lv7 (231/2000)

Race:Blood Demon


Strength: 54

Agility: 53

Intelligence: 48


Quite a few changes but it is to be expected as I had levelled up twice. I closed my stats and made it to the first Lava Pit within a minute. After making it mine, I packed my minion militia and the bodies of the imps they had killed into my inventory and continued to the second Lava Pit.

I did the same with the second pit, after packing everything away, I used [Move] and dragged the two lava pits with me. Once I made it to my home, I activated [Merge] and merge the new pits with my own Lv2 Lava Pit.

After merging the lava pits a prompt filled my vision.

Lv3 Lava Pit


Lava Concentration: Lv3

Starting Level of imps: Lv5

Gosh darn, it seems every level up would need more and more Lava Pits to increase the Lava Concentration. At least the Starting Level of the Imps would increase a lot. After finishing merging the Lava Pits, I pulled out the bodies of my vanquished foes (fancy language, I know). After Levelling up I had gained access to ten more subordinates that I could control, I quickly made the Leaders of the Lava Pits my minions, each were Lv10 so I couldn't level them up further, that was not the case for all the other minions. After draining all the corpses of blood I now had 66 minions all Lv7, the other 4 were too high level for me to do anything.

Using [Demon's Calling] I created a rip in space and time, Jr crawled out and proceeded to eat the cores from the dead imps. When he had finished eating, he had Levelled up to Lv4.

Once all that was done, I made my way leisurely out of my cave leaving 5 minions behind to guard my Lava Pit. I ran through the hellish landscape and into the mahogany forest that surrounded the exit to the dungeon

Seeing the giant red steps that led to the surface, a smile crept onto my face and I began my ascent. After almost an hour of climbing, I made it out. Blinding light greeted me, fresh air that wasn't full of ash and smoke filled my lungs, green forests and blue skies assaulted my eyes and the sun reflected of my white teeth as an ecstatic grin opened on my out of place red face.

I was free

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