I was reborn as an imp. So what? Book

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I was reborn as an imp. So what?


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In 2087, a new game has been released called Haven. It is a fantasy world nearly akin to reality, around 100 times the size of earth many believe it to become the new world of humanity. People will flock to this game like moths to a flame and attempt to become the strongest in the world. Luke is a normal teenager, goes to class and plays games. After finding a Haven VR system on his way back from school, he rushes home, but before he could get there, a rip in space opens and instantly kills him. He gets reincarnated as an imp in the Strata, a huge dungeon that spans most of the new world Luke finds himself in. He’s in Haven Armed with an op system and all of his gaming knowledge, Luke fights his way to the top and becomes the strongest player in the game. // hi there this is the author. English is not my first language so please excuse me if I make any errors. Please vote and comment to see more chapter. :) Not my artwork, if it is yours please tell me and I will change it//


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