1 Chapter 1

Kyomi's POV :

Obedient .

Respectful .

The perfect daughter .

It's what I've always been known as , Kyomi Palmer , the sweet innocent daughter of the rich Palmer family .

When you're the oldest and expected to set an example for your younger siblings , it isn't the easiest thing in the world to do .

I wasn't allowed to attend parties like other students , I wasn't allowed to stay out later than eight every night , wasn't even allowed to have friends who were of the opposite gender . In fact , they all kept a distance from me because of my father and all warnings already sent out if anyone ever tried anything with me .

The last time a guy tried to talk to me in front of my father it didn't end well for him nor me . Even though I'd tried to tell him leave me alone , apparently according to my family I didn't try hard enough .

Pride and ego was something that mattered more than anything else in my family , my father liked to hold his head high wherever he went , he liked to boast that he had the perfect wife , the perfect children and by extension perfect family .

I loved my family , I would do anything for them and hence I've never once complained , always played by the rules . I already knew that eventually I'd have to marry the man my father chose for me and that fact I've also already accepted , for my father's happiness was also mine .

"Kyomi!" My mom's voice broke into my thoughts .

I immediately stopped brushing my hair and rushed outside to see what she wanted .

Her light green eyes did a once over at my outfit like she often did to make sure I wasn't wearing anything that my father would disapprove off . "You're late for college , you know that's unacceptable."

Oh... I hadn't noticed the time . Was too occupied in my thoughts on how boring and dull my life had become .

"I'm sorry mother ." I apologized as I rushed back into my room for my notebooks and quickly gave her a kiss on her cheek . "You know what time you're supposed to be back home ." She warned .

I nodded . "I do , please let father know I've already left ."

She smiled . "I will , have a great day at school and remember not to do anything that could possibly embarrass your family ."

I stiffened , of course she had to mention it once again . Like I didn't already always follow by the rules .

"Yes mother ."

Without another word I headed out the enormous glass doors and out to the waiting vehicle where a driver was already seated waiting for me .

Sigh .

Another long and boring day ahead .


Dante's POV:

I revved my motorbike at some chicks on the side walk , I could hear their giggles as I drove by .I shook my head , these girls were way too easy .

I checked the time on my watch , what had father called me for ?

He said it was urgent and I needed to see him now , normally I would take a bit longer but something about the way he spoke today had worried me .

As I approached our mansion on the hill ,the guards at the entrance immediately opened the black gates for me . I parked the bike in the driveway and shoved my hands under the fountain like I usually did whenever I got home .

God , I loved my life .

I didn't waste anymore time as I rushed into my father's study .

I found him at the window with his back turned to , he was definitely deep in thought which was never a good thing for any of us .

"What is it father ?"

He turned at my entrance , his eyes narrowed .

"It's those damn Palmers again , always putting their mouths on us like they're better than us . They just can't handle the fact that they aren't the only rich family around ."

I stiffened at the mention of the Palmers , this couldn't be good .

"What did they do now ?" I asked him .

"What haven't they done should be the proper question . So far nothing has worked on getting them to shut their mouths ... I tried everything so far and it doesn't seem like anything is working ."

I was about to respond when he opened his mouth to speak again .


Oh hell no , I knew that look .

"Don't they have a young daughter ... a young daughter your age ?"

I gave my father a wary guarded look . " They do , but what does that have to do with anything ?"

He laughed shaking his head at me . "The answer has been in front of me all of this time , I can't believe I hadn't seen this before ."

"What exactly are you getting at father ?" I asked .

The man was scaring me , scaring me because I knew he usually came up with incredibly insane ideas .

"Do you not see it ?" He asked me . "I have a young son , they have a young daughter ..."

My eyes widened . "FATHER !" I shouted . " Don't tell me you expect me to date their daughter , she's too God damn innocent . Everyone knows Kyomi is their little angel , the girl who always goes by the rules , the pride of The Palmer family ."

He laughed again . "Date ? You think just dating the girl would be enough to shut the mouths of the Palmers ? No my dear boy , I'm talking about marriage ."

I stared at my father as though he was insane . " I'm 22 father , and you're asking me to marry a Palmer ? I'm not ready for marriage and I'm sure as hell not ready to marry a Palmer ."

"Do you think you have a say in this ? You're not the only one who's had to make sacrifices for this family , though this might just be your biggest sacrifice yet ."

My lips pressed into a thin line . " Why me ? I'm not your only son , why must I be the one to marry her ?"

My father turned his fierce gaze on me and I knew this was the end of the conversation , there was no backing out now , I had to do as he wished . " How do you propose I get her to marry me ? She would never agree to marry me , neither would her parents ever willingly give her to me ."

He quirked a brow at me . " There are numerous options , many of which I am sure you can come up on your own , you're the famous womanizer after all , the bottom line is , if she doesn't willingly come to us ... we forcefully take her ."

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