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The story line is quite captivating, when you are ignored by your family because of gender and denied vehemently. To top it off, your baby father suddenly disappears after being told of the situation. The female lead is one strong, brave and responsibly mother who is determined to raise her daughter.


This book seem slow starting but the further you get with story, the more interesting it gets. The characters development is good but the story leaves us at a loss in regards to 1 character, the father of that super cute and smart child.


This is a very nice story. It is always fun reading it. Author has a unique style of bringing the content which i really like the most. We can learn what table chair and other things are thinking. Also I love exceptional comparisons. Our little Aurora is more like little grandmother who knows everything. I am looking forward to see how our little Aurora would change under Auden's presence. Thank you dear author for sharing a wonderful story.


Hey! So this book is really good! I don’t normally read these types of things, but I decided to give it a try bc it is SSOO good! It is clean (so far Im not that far in) and I don’t like dirty stuff, so Clean Romances I just love.So yeah!


I like the story. It’s very relatable. As single mom myself, I understand what’s she’s going through 😂😍😀💕💕💕 I love reading it 😍😍😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


This story is really amazing and realistic..... I will recommend it to others 😊😊..


I finished reading Sophia I love it it's very soft..for me. I like the mother of the story she is very tough and protective. I wonder if I get to see more romance between Auden and Mia in the future chapters. Keep updating I love it so far.😍😘😍💖💖


Nice story, writer done a good job while describing situations, love our female lead, and I can say she is strong and smart, love this story best of luck writer 💕


It will be nice if you give us a way to connect to you by discord, instagram or twitter under the summary...in case you drop the novel. I'm an indian too...gonna read your novel and support you...also if you are gonna give us link to the discord group of this novel. Then you'll have to check if that link is permanent or temporary... please give us the permanent one😍😍💕


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The starting was effling beautiful. Being 20 years old, I was wondering how Mia is adamant to raise the child. Such a hookup, I personally liked the book very much. Well done!


It was great was bout expecting it to be that good i would highly recommend it to my sisters and other single mom as it was helpful and very intriguing


This story is quite good!!!! And if you wanna read more books with romance genre, Read my book "His Accountant Princess" if you are a fan of possessive male lead and happy ending stories,


Highly Recommended Book . I like the way the writer writes . The writer is successful in attracting the hearts of the readers . The novel has a good plot and is promising . The writer is successful in appealing to the readers as romance genre is not at all an easy genre to write . At last the novel is awesome and will desperately wait for the next chapters to come . I am a writer myself and you all can check out my work too.


i really hate the synopsis, keeping me from reading the the first chap.... did she really marry s.o with hiding the fact that she is a mother? even though the little girl is cute but mmmmmmmmmmmmm....


I love this series dont know when the second season will come out but they need to hurry it up man I can't wait much longer so I'm hoping they will continue the series and realise the 2nd season very soon.


And so as I've read This is a story of a brave mother who wants to raise a child. She has courage to take on the role of a mother. The novel is filled with emotions of different characters. The story development so far has been good and as for the overall review it really tells about a life of a mother. But well author, maybe you could correct the grammar mistakes here and there. It will look neat in a sense. So well with this, I rate this novel as 4.8 stars. Keep up your hard work! :D


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Because ur story has high emotional rollercoaster rides. There are very positive characters and they are self efficient and motivated. We can read these chapters with smile on your face and positively in your heart.


I love the story line up a lot.......it shows how strong the female lead is. The author really did a great job coming up with this idea....... The author did a great job coming up with this idea........ will definitely recommend it.........❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️