1 Intro

A tender lady of around 20 years old was anxiously standing in front of a nurse. She was wearing blue jeans and a casual t-shirt. Her long black hair was covering half of her t-shirt. She looks like a celebrity with her get-up. Her crystal blue eyes fixated on the nurse who was reading her report.

The nurse looked at the lady's record and herself with a complicated expression before faintly sighing.

"You are three weeks pregnant," the nurse announced softly, with a hint of sympathy in her tone.


The phone the lady was holding dropped from her hand the second the nurse made her report. Her body shook intensely, and her tears can't stop flowing. Even when she was mentally prepared, she couldn't believe it.

The nurse who felt Mia's heavy emotion became silent and let her vent her grief and sorrow in the office.


Mia took her report from the nurse but didn't open it. She picked up her phone slowly and stood up. She turned to the nurse, and the latter noticed her crystal blue eyes dimmed and lost their luster. The nurse bit her lips as the lady's lackluster voice sounded to her ears.

"Thank you."

The lady turned around as she slowly walked to the hospital's entrance. She thought of someone as she tightly gripped her phone.

The nurse looked at the lady gradually walking to the entrance door, as she mumbled: "Stand strong, miss."


"The number you have called is switched off. Please try after some time"

Mia was calling someone and suddenly a loud and angry voice came from behind," How many times will you call! He is not responding after listening to the news."

Mia looked at the girl who was standing there angrily and her hand was on her back as she was thinking about something.

Mia was almost in the brink of tears as she sobbed, "Let me try again..."

Clara doesn't have any patience to tolerate her breakdown so she rebutted, "Let me use the phone for you."

After Mia's approval, Clara hurriedly caught the phone from her hands and typed something. It was after Clara sent the message did the other party reply.

"This son of a bitch," Clara cursed angrily.

"What is it?"

Mia's on the verge of a breakdown, she wanted to know what is sent by the other party.


Clara tossed the phone to Mia and she barely caught it, she then looked at the message.

Mia cried and literally had a breakdown.

It was because the other party sent...



Mia's eyes were red as she was crying for an hour and she looked at Clara with helpless eyes.

Clara looked at her and sat beside her while holding her hands and said calmly, "Please do abortion."

These words were like a thunderstorm to Mia and she looked at her while touching her stomach.

"I can't! This child is innocent. I will not abandon him like people used to do with me!"

Her voice was sad and was filled with many emotions.

Clara explained worldly, "Your politician father will kill you for this! Are you sure about your decision?"

"I am," Mia said while looking at the ground, but her eyes were burning.

"Even if you live and give birth to this child … people will always call him/her ILLEGITIMATE!"

Mia got up and shouted, "NO ONE WILL!"

"Oh, really? Have you thought about your career? Will you able to represent the country in the next taekwondo competition?" Clara announced as she folded her arms in front of her chest as if stating a valid point.


Clara asked angrily, "Your career will be ruined! What will you do?"

Mia sat on the floor helplessly and started crying.

Clara looked at her and after taking a deep breath she mumbled, "Okay! I will be with you!"

Suddenly, Mia's phone ringed. She looked at it and noticed that it was from her dad.

Clara with a shocked face knew already what it was about. "He got the information."

"From where," Mia answered worriedly.

"I don't know. Maybe from your so-called boyfriend."

Mia took the phone and said, "Hello?" in a shaky voice.

An angry voice came making Mia shake. "You useless trash! I will kill you!" And the call got disconnected.

Clara shouted, "We have to leave this place soon!"

They left the villa and sat in a sports car.

Clara started driving the car at a high speed. "Your dad will kill you. For him, his reputation is more important than you."


They reached in front of the old villa.

Mia looked at her. "Why did you take me to my old villa?"

Clara said with warmth on her voice, "Darling… because in all my houses, your father will search for you like a wild dog!"

Mia was sitting on the sofa and Clara was roaming in the whole room while drinking.

She looked at Mia who was not drinking then wondered. "Why are you not drinking?"

"It's not good for the child."

"Really? If you were not drunk that night then this bastard was not in your stomach."

"This child is innocent."

"Yeah! Everyone is innocent except me!"



Clara called someone and said, "Make a passport of a person within an hour. I will send a photo and other information about it."

Mia looked at her with curiosity in her eyes. "Where am I going?"


Mia looked at her and she dared not to say anything.


After two hours, they already arrived at the airport.

Mia was looking at Clara and said, "Thank you."

Clara patted her head and said, "From today onwards, your life will change. People will say many things, but you have to stay strong and believe in yourself. Your decision is right. This child needs a strong mother."

Mia's eyes went wet and she said, "When will you come?"

"Very soon."

Then they hugged each other and Mia went away.

Clara whispered, "Stay safe… let me settle some accounts with cheap people."




#to be continued

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