I was a Single Mother 'till I Met Him'I was a Single Mother 'till I Met Him'

I was a Single Mother 'till I Met Him'

by sophia_121

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This is a story of a girl, who has a secret from her husband—having a beautiful daughter. "Mommy," Aurora shouted happily and ran towards Mia. Mia looked at her beloved daughter and was about to hug her when a voice stopped her. "Mommy," her husband asked, curiosity etched in his voice. "Oh!” The woman giggled. “I am her godmother," Mia answered with a shaky voice. "Godmother," Aurora whispered as she cocked her head to the side, looking away with a sad face. Mia glanced at the author, showing her angry eyes. “I will kill you!” The author spoke as she feigned ignorance. "Hehehe... I am innocent!” * Mia is a 20-year-old girl who is a daughter of a renowned politician. For her father, his reputation is worth more than anything else. Due to her child being a girl, her family is disheartened and had ignored Mia for the rest of their lives. One thing happened after another, she got pregnant unexpectedly and had informed her boyfriend of the news, but he suddenly left, and no news of him was found ever since. Feeling heartbroken and depressed, even with the consolation of her best friend, her heart still felt restless. That is—until she met him. ** The cover page doesn't belong to me. All credit goes to a talented artist. Warning: Don't dare to copy my copied cover. I will haunt you if you dare so... Notice: Please read at least 3 chapters before removing this novel from your library...... and this shameless author loves silent and noisy readers. discord link: https://discord.gg/K84yYzE

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