1 chapter 1- What a bad looser

"It's finally over"

"After years trying to defeat him, we finally did it"

In the Demon King castle, can be seen 5 peoples standing close a dead body. Those are the hero party, and the dead body obvious is the Demon King.

"So boss, what are gonna do after we finnaly finish this quest"

Said Loke, the big black guy with a shield.

"I will do what i always wanted to do since day one on this job.I will beat the crap out of that king, go to a place with few people, amd finally retire of this pain in the ass job ."

Said Roland, the good looking guy with a silver armour and a big sword.

"Damm boss, sounds like you have no good moments with was."Said Fiona, the purple hair girl with a mace.

"It's not that we didn't have, it is just i'm just tired of helping every person that asks for help, it was gratifying at first but after years it just get anoying."

"At least say if you are gonna visit u....Wait did you hear that?"

Said the twins Helena and Hugo at the same time, they both have blue hair, Helena and cool ass bow and Hugo has a dagger with assasins clothes.

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A tic-toc sound was getting higher every second that it passed.After a couple second looking for where the sound was coming for Hugo founded a big box with a note under the table of the room.Hugo started reading out loud.

"For those who had defeated me, congratulation on defeated the migth me, i was pretty sure that i was invincible in this universe, but you actually defeated me so this deserve a celebration party, so i made this box that will explode 10 min after my heart stop beating so we can all celebrate this together... in HELL.HAHAHAAHA.Also i lied you are not invited to the party for obvious reason. Peace out."

After reading the note everybody gotted terrified looking at the box.

"Fiona try to desarm the bomb."-Roland

"On it"-Fiona

Fiona started to chanted a spell to analyze the box.

"Oh shit".-Fiona

"WHAT?!"-Everybody else

"This can't be easily desarm and we don't have much time".-Fiona

"God dammit, why the Demon King has to be such a bad looser?Why could he just party in Hell normal like every other bad guy that we destroyed?"-Luke

"NO i don't want to die after all this"-Helena and Hugo

When everybody was desperate Roland was looking at the sky silent chantting a spell.Fiona saw what Roland was doing and said.

"Boss what are you doing?"-Fiona

"After i defeated the Demon King the system gave me a skill, the teleport skill."-Roland

"Really thank god so you just have teleport the bomb out of here in a place with nobody"-Loke

"Yeah the problen is that i can only teleport myself and the things that i'm holding."

"No problem you so you can teloport yourself with the box and teleport back to safety"-Fiona

Roland looked at then sadly, but make a smile saying.

"Alright i'll do that."-Roland

Roland touched the box and said while looking at them.

"See you guys in a minute."-Roland

"Come back safe"-Helena and Hugo

After fiishing the chant, Roland desapeared.

In the midle of the ocean Roland suddenly appear with the box.


"This was definitely the most hero shit that i ever have done."-Roland

Roland looked at the with no emotion.

"I guess i'll wait to this explode... Of all the things that the system has given to me this skill definitely takes the convenient cake."-Roland

"But i guess is asking for to much to not give me that ' day cooldown."-Roland


"Hope those guy don't get mad at me to lie to them, but if did'nt do that they would probably wanted to die with me.I guess this is for th..."

A big explosion consued everything for hundred of miles occurred.

No sign of person could be seen after that..

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