I Wanted To Be A Good Person Once

# RAPIDDEVELOPMENT Fang Ze transmigrated to a world filled with superpowers and became a police. Initially, he planned to carry out his duties diligently. However, by chance, he discovered that his true identity was actually a criminal who had been arrested. The police faked his identity and made him believe that he was one of them. Then, they utilized his remaining memories to solve the case and identify his accomplices. They had set up a huge operation and were ready to capture him and his accomplices at any time! Fortunately, he acquired a superpower called the Midnight Investigation Room. At midnight every day, he could conduct an investigation on a chosen target. During his investigation, not only could he hear the actual thoughts running through the head of his subject, he could also acquire different items based on the value of the information he collected. Some of the items he acquired included: a mushroom that could sustain its host’s beauty forever; a credit card that allowed its users to loan from the future unlimitedly; a loyal assassin troop that lurked in the shadow; a demon eye that allowed its user to pry into the other world; a kobold that could learn and train with double efficiency on behalf of its master; seeds that could be attached to enemies’ bodies to make them puppets; and tapes that could transform human bodies into rocks when applied. In order to resolve his crisis, he collected information and investigated the case while improving his ability and expanding his influence. Unfortunately, he uncovered an even bigger scheme after solving his case. This entire world turned out to be a scheme! Many years later, Fang Ze sat on the throne of the King of Darkness. Accumulated beneath his throne were the countless skulls of his enemies.

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Gains — The Path to Awakening

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The information Wang Hao had brought was very valuable.

It was valuable enough to subvert Fang Ze's imagination.

It also made Fang Ze realize that this case was unimaginably complicated…

It turned out that this case was not a simple homicide, but had all kinds of inside information.

This wealthy businessman who had been wiped out was mainly involved in cross-state trade and selling agricultural byproducts.

Generally speaking, this kind of business was not profitable because of the stable channels. There were only small profits, but a quick turnover.

However, this rich businessman strangely made a lot of money. He opened branches in various cities in the state and built mansions.

That got the Security Bureau's attention.

The Security Bureau suspected that this rich businessman was most likely doing cross-state or even cross-regional smuggling under the guise of the agricultural byproduct trade. Moreover, it was very likely that he was smuggling forbidden items like the Treasure of Misfortune or the Awakened Bloodline.

Therefore, a month ago, the Security Bureau had started to set up an investigation into this rich businessman.

To the surprise of the Security Bureau, ten days before the investigation had made much progress, a team of Awakened people had suddenly appeared at the wealthy businessman's vacation villa and collectively silenced him and his family.

The lead was suddenly cut off, and the Security Bureau could not react in time. After the surveillance officer sent out the message, they could only follow the tracks of the perpetrators.

The result was even more unexpected to the Security Bureau. As the team retreated, they were attacked by another group of Awakened.

The two groups clashed. Of the five members of the team, one was dead and one was seriously injured. The other three escaped.

The dead one was an investigation-type Awakened who could control insects.

The one who was seriously injured was… Fang Ze.

Therefore, almost the entire massacre happened under the surveillance of the Security Bureau.

They didn't really care about the case itself.

The only thing they wanted to figure out was the situation and purpose of the organization behind the two Awakened teams.

This was because in the subsequent investigation, the Security Bureau was surprised to discover that the clues and information of these two forces had been secretly erased.

Even if they went to the eastern region to investigate, they would not find any clues.

This meant that two large Awakened organizations had secretly grown under the noses of the Security Bureau.

Furthermore, the Security Bureau knew nothing about their numbers, abilities, or motives.

This was the big deal!

That was why the big shots from the Security Bureau had personally come to the scene to handle the case.

Initially, the Security Bureau thought that after Fang Ze woke up and was interrogated, they would at least be able to obtain information about one of the organizations.

In the end, Fang Ze lost his memory.

Therefore, the Security Bureau arranged for the Investigation Department to act and let Fang Ze solve the case, or rather, provide clues for them…

When he first heard Wang Hao tell him this information, Fang Ze actually wondered if Wang Hao had made it up for the sake of the story.

After all, it was too bizarre for a family extermination case to suddenly become a confrontation between three forces.

However, when he felt Wang Hao's "sincere" emotions and heard his inner confirmation, Fang Ze had no choice but to believe him.

To be honest, at that moment, Fang Ze's heart was racing.

What was going on!

He originally thought that it was just an ordinary murder case and that he was not involved in the murder. At most, he would be considered an accomplice.

Then, after he became an Awakened, he might solve the case and perform meritorious deeds to show his value, resulting in him joining the Security Bureau to atone for his crimes.

Alternatively, he might fail to negotiate with the Security Bureau and escape with his Awakened ability.

Either way, the problem could be solved.

In the end, they discovered that this extermination case was actually related to the smuggling of an Awakened bloodline, the extermination of supernatural organizations, and another mysterious force.

Furthermore, the Security Bureau didn't care about the case.

They only wanted to rely on Fang Ze to obtain information, information, and more information!

He was actually an existence that was more important than a case!

Even if he ran away, the other party would definitely not let him off.

Fang Ze immediately felt a buzzing pain in his head.



"I'm tired. Time to destroy this…"

After standing in the volcanic cave for a long time, Fang Ze shook his head and dispelled all negative thoughts from his mind.

He pulled himself together.

In fact, whether he solved the case or used himself to gather information, his goal did not need to change.

After all, in the end, he needed strength to break through.

In this world with extraordinary powers, weakness itself was a sin.

Only with strength would he be qualified to control his own fate.

If he was strong enough to directly destroy three organizations, he did not need to think about these annoying things anymore.

Therefore, increasing his strength was the right thing to do!

With that in mind, he temporarily forgot about the truth about the task force.

Then, he stood up and went to the side of the lava lake. He reached into the stone wall and took out the magic lamp.

There was a click.

As the lamp was switched off, the surrounding lava, the lava cave, and the rolling flames turned into bubbles and dissipated.

The ground beneath Fang Ze's feet turned back into the dim room.

In the middle of the room were the same two sets of tables and chairs that had never changed.

Meanwhile, on the table near Fang Ze, just like last time, there was another item…

Fang Ze's gaze fell on the "item" on the table.

Unlike the "book-like object" from last time, what appeared on the table this time was a scrap of paper.

The piece of paper was the size of a palm and looked inconspicuous.

However, Fang Ze had a feeling that this should be something even more valuable than the one-time use artifact yesterday.

After all… The value of the information from tonight was far higher than that of last night.

With that thought, Fang Ze came to the table and picked up the scrap of paper.

The scrap of paper was simple. There was only one short line.

[One of the paths to Awakening: Spiritual Awakening Technique.]

When he saw the line of words, Fang Ze's pupils constricted slightly, and his heart pounded.

Had he actually succeeded?!

A moment later, a pile of information slowly entered Fang Ze's mind.

"Seven white candles…"

"I need 20 grams of rococo flowers, peachwood, oak branches, laurel leaves, and wormwood respectively. They should be grinded into powder and applied to my body…"

"A sterling silver knife, a glass of cider vinegar or red wine…"

"And a blue crystal with blemishes that cover no more than 10% of the crystal…"

"On the ground…"