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I want to read Chinese to English Translated novels


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I am sick and tired of all these garbage American imitations of Eastern fantasy novels. Look at "I shall Seal the Heavens" or "The World Online" and even "I'm really a Super Star". Amazing Chinese Novels that places heavy emphasis on Chinese culture, history, and art. All this imitation garbage created by non-chinese authors are all just riding on the coattails of Chinese literature as a scheme to get a quick buck. almost all of them showed low to zero understanding of Chinese culture and norms. This app used to be about introducing main stream novels of China into western culture, but it has degraded to a greedy corporation whose main goal is to earn as much as possible regardless of quality. This "novel" itself is prove of that. any two-bit hack can write some bs and post it on here and pass it off as a "novel". there are no criteria, no bare minimum standards, to be able to get what was used to be a respectable title. nowadays, even a 1ST grader with the grammar of a 7 month old horse can pass as an author on this app. bring back actual Chinese novels...stop allowing garbage novels to pollute this app. have some standards and self respect Qidian.


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