1 The new me

I remember during or I remember the lack there of.

You see when I died everything just stopped nothing happened.

Now I do remember how I died.

I want to say something impressive like I was saving someone but alas my past self was not that good.

I died because well someone just lured me into an ally way and beat me to death because I had looked at them that's how hideous I was.

So now you might ask where am I and that is a good question. You see I have no clue though it's not my old world there are too many attractive people around me.

But I do have the same body.

Still the same fat body.

Well I know one thing in this life I am younger I look more like a high schooler than a grown man.


'Requirements have been met'

'Unlocking the HOTTEST SYTEM'

'Do you wish to accept Y/N

I clicked yes of course I had seen enough books like this I knew this would change my life.

'What would you like to focus your hotness on'



-All rounder

I clicked the all rounder option of course I knew being a jack of all trades was very important

'Integration commencing'




'Integration complete'

'Opening free gacha'

'You got a :*2 training watch'

Let's go it even gave me a free item

Now to open my eyes. Because for some reason in this whole process my eyes were closed.

When I opened my eye it was not what was expected. I was in a dorm.

And was still fat.

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