4 Blue Monday

Who knew staring at a ceiling could be so unnerving? That was what I had been doing for the past hour. With every passing second, nervousness grew and I began to lose confidence.

I was not a morning person. Mornings were usually worse. Monday mornings were the worst and the morning I had to meet my brother, it broke the scale of negativity.

Instead of Flynn's yelling in my ear, I was woken up by the light murmuring and laughing from outside the room. The moment I opened my eyes to the petite grey square, I felt out of place. I was out of place, indeed.

The rays of the sun gracefully seeped into the room through the curtain cracks and onto the wooden floor. The only thing that made my gloomy day a little brighter.

The bed beside me stayed untouched which meant either he didn't come here last night or had left before I woke up.


Wait! Did he come in left because he felt uncomfortable with me here? Shit! Why didn't I think about that? I should have asked him before making the decision!

I sighed as I looked down at my clothes. I was still in my jeans. It was a wonder how I even slept through the discomfort.

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I looked around the room, searching for the suitcase that I threw to the side earlier. When I spotted it lying in the corner of the room, I dragged and flipped it open. Quickly pulling out a pair of white sweat pants and a grey hoodie, I held them high in front of me. This should do, right? Well, it's not like I'm trying to impress anyone. Or am I?

Without a second thought, I put them on and pulled my greasy hair into a messy bun. I kicked my jeans under the bed making a mental note to take it to the laundry later.

I flopped on the bed once again, my mind still not made up to step out of this room. In all honesty, I was scared. Scared that he would despise me. I was scared that my heart won't be able to take any more of loss. I hated how much of an impact he had on me when I didn't even know him. Thinking about various scenarios made my situation worse.

Having no choice, I forced myself to wander around the room to distract my mind. One of the walls was painted gray and the remaining were left white. I wondered if there was a meaning behind such a theme. Is that even a theme?

I walked to the balcony and was met with the warmth of the sun and a beautiful city view. The apartment was on one of the highest floor making the view more magnificent.

After spending a few minutes in the sunlight, I got back inside and my eyes instantly drew along the shelf filled with different items on the other side.

I walked forward, my curiosity getting the best of me. Various albums were lined along the racks and I almost had a heart attack but a smile made its way when I found my previous album in the stack. The other shelves had pictures of him and the members. I found a colorful little book lying in the corner of an empty shelf. It looked like a scrapbook. Should I? Or should I not? What if he gets mad at me for going through his stuff? Well, he wouldn't know if I keep it back in its place, right?

I grabbed it and walked towards the bed. Just when I was about to open it, the ringing of my phone startled me.

I reached for my bag. I pulled out my phone and saw it was Flynn calling. I mentally slapped myself for not texting her last night. Brace yourselves for the yelling, Jade.

"You, forgetful child! What did I tell you about texting me?! You love making me worry, don't you?!" I winced at her voice.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was tired and fell asleep as soon as I got here." There was a bit of commotion until Adrian's voice took over.

"Jade! You are on speaker!"

"Hey, Jade! Is it morning there?" Dylan.

"Are the boys behaving well with you?"

"Are they more handsome in real? I bet they are." I heard Flynn sigh dreamily.

"How's it-"

"If you stop shooting questions at me, I'd like to answer them one by one." I cut them off and they mumbled a small yes.

"Alright. Yes, its morning here and I just woke up. I haven't even met half of the boys yet."

"Did you eat anything?"

"Uh, not yet. I'm about to." Just then I heard a knock on my door.

"Guys, can I call you back? I gotta eat, now."

"Alright! Bubbye!" They all chorused and I laughed.


I exited the call, shuffled to the door and opened it hesitantly to find Jungkook with a camera in his hand. I raised my eyebrows at him.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I closed the door behind me.

"I'm doing a Vlog. Hope you don't mind if I film you." Jungkook requested with a smile. Who could say no to those cute bunny teeth?

"Sure. But you know you can't release it, right? Security reasons." I reminded him and he nodded.

"I'm aware. This will go into my personal playlist. It's not every day you find Jade Heyes walking around in your house and I'm just capturing the precious moment." Right after he said that he blushed like a tomato.

I giggled and pinched his cheeks. He was not as awkward as last night. In fact, he was a different person today. The Jungkook I met previously wouldn't have had the courage he had now.

"By the way, Jin hyung told me to wake you up for breakfast." He spoke while filming.

I nodded and walked in front of him searching for the kitchen. When I turned around the corridor, I heard chatter and clinking sound of utensils and my heart started beating fast.

Jungkook noticed my hesitance. "It's alright. If anything, it's them who should be nervous. I'm sure the hyungs will love you. They already love your music." He gave me a reassuring smile. I returned one and nodded at him. I peeked from behind a wall and I chuckled at the sight in front of me. The kitchen almost looked like a lunch break at a play school.

The tallest guy in the room was chasing a boy with light tan skin around the dining table while shouting gibberish. Another guy was sitting on the table swinging his legs back and forth, immersed in drinking a glass of what looked like- Sprite? Who drinks sprite, first thing in the morning? That's right. J-hope.

And there was Jin in a blue apron, amidst all the chaos, flipping delicious fluffy pancakes like a professional.

"I can't wait to record their reactions." Jungkook whispered mischievously behind me just as Jin spotted me hiding behind the wall.

"Jade! You are awake. Did you sleep well?" Jin set down the pan and stalked towards me with a contagious smile. I nodded at him, stepping completely into the room and that was when I realized how silent the once chaotic room had gone. Within a fraction of second, it was a mess again.

Hoseok spat out his drink and it ever-so-gracefully landed on Namjoon's face making him go rigid. The tan guy choked on the chocolate bar and started coughing while Hoseok handed him his glass of sprite.

Jungkook was continuously giggling beside me while I forced my lips straight not wanting to be rude. It happened because of me after all. Seconds passed with them staring at me wide-eyed before Jin groaned in annoyance.

"You are not getting breakfast until you clean up this mess." He pointed his spatula at the three boys who were looking like they had seen an alien. Do I really surprise people that much?

Jin went back to cooking while I eyed the boys who were now out of their shock but were still staring at me. I walked closer and looked around.

"I'll help you with the cleaning." Just when I spoke, the sound of glass shattering followed by a yelp caught my attention. I saw Namjoon holding his toe with his face scrunched in pain. He was bleeding.

Out of instinct, I rushed towards him and made him sit on one of the chairs around the table. Kneeling down, I examined the wound carefully. I found a few pieces of glass stuck in this skin.

"You got a splinter. Where's the first aid box?"

"I'll get it." Jin rushed out of the kitchen while I looked at the wound. It was bleeding continuously but in small amounts. So, it was safe.

"Hyung, I'm so sorry." Taehyung whispered lowly with a frown on his face. Damn! Can his voice get any deeper?

Namjoon sighed and before he could reply Jin rushed back with the first aid kit.

I quickly took out some cotton and antiseptic liquid to clean the blood before talking out the pieces of glass.

Namjoon, surprisingly, endured a little amount of pain. I carefully bandaged it at the end.

"There you go." I stood back up and he smiled at me.

"Thank you." I simply nodded. Namjoon then looked at Taehyung who looked down in guilt. It wasn't his fault at all.

"Taehyung-ah. I know you wouldn't purposefully drop that glass on me. It's fine."

"I'll buy you Ice cream as an apology." Taehyung displayed his adorable boxy smile. Namjoon laughed at him, nodding.

"What about me?!"

"And me?!"

"And me?!" My eyes widened when I realized the words slipped out of my mouth. Just make yourself at home, Jade. Why don't you?

I looked at the members and nobody seemed to mind. Instead, they all held happy smiles as Taehyung agreed to give us all an Ice cream treat. I noticed that Jungkook finally stopped filming. His camera wasn't in his hands anymore.

"Now that it's settled why are you still standing like statues? Start cleaning!" Jin yelled as he went back to cooking. It was amusing how he could command and the other members obeyed him. Everyone immediately got to cleaning while Namjoon rubbed it in our face, while smirking that he didn't had to work.

"You don't have to help us, you know." A deep voice spoke to me. "I'm Taehyung and you are prettier in real than on TV." Taehyung grinned.

"And I'm Hoseok." The guy sitting on the table introduced himself with a smile that could make anyone's day.

"I'm Namjoon." The tallest guy in the room smiled.

"I'm Jungkook!"

"I'm Jin!" I laughed at their silliness.

"I already know about you guys."

"Really?! Our popularity is growing then. But how do you know Korean? Don't you live in America?" Hoseok asked with his sunshine of a smile.

"Yeah. I live in America. But I lived here in Seoul for ten years before I moved there. I'm originally from Canada, though."

"Ah, that explains your accent. I still can't believe it's you. Hyung only told me your first name and I hadn't even imagined that it'd be you." Namjoon mused.

"I predicted already. Jin hyung did too. You should have seen him at the airpo-" Jungkook's speech cut off by Jin as he called out breakfast was ready. We all gathered around the table. I was sat between Taehyung and Jungkook while the remaining sat in front of me.

"What about Yoongi hyung?" Tae asked. My body stiffened at the name.

"It's Jimin's turn to wake him today. But he wasn't in our room this morning." Hoseok mumbled.

"Jimin didn't come home last night?" Namjoon sighed rubbed his face in frustration.

"I tried calling him. He didn't pick up." Taehyung expressed.

What is going? I wanted to ask but kept my mouth shut.

"What's with all the noise so early in the morning?" A rough groggy voice came from behind me I saw the person I was dreading to meet.

He was wearing a long white shirt and track pants. His black hair stuck to his forehead and he cutely rubbed his eyes. A small smile formed on my lips but it dropped when our eyes met. He stared at me blankly for a while before his eyes turned cold. I averted my sight as he took a seat beside Hoseok.

"Yoongi hyung! Why didn't you tell us your sister is Jade Heyes? You could have saved us from loads of embarrassment." Tae complained.

"Half-sister. She's my half-sister." Yoongi gritted out with his teeth clenched, his voice was scary. I kept my head down as I felt a pang in my heart at his words. Why? I don't know. He was only saying the truth.

I could feel their stares burning holes through me but I focused on cutting the pieces of my pancake and forced them into my mouth. Everyone felt the thick tension in the air. My appetite was long gone.

"Bang PD-nim gave us a day off. We should spend time with Jade and get to know her." Namjoon spoke, diverting the topic and everyone looked excited at his words. I almost missed the Scoff.

"I have to go meet Dong Hyuk to discuss our upcoming album." Yoongi announced with monotone.

"But hyung. We still have time for that. You can meet him some other time. Why don't you spend today with us?" Taehyung spoke.

"I'll be gone for the whole day." With that, he abruptly got up and left the kitchen, his plate half empty.

Everything fell silent again as I leaned back on the chair.

"Well, that was one great first meeting." I mumbled to myself and I felt eyes on me again.

"Can you all not stare at me like that?" They mumbled a sorry and went back to eating.

I sighed. Well, it was over, at least. The awkward meeting. It was worse than I expected. Couldn't he just look at me normally instead of glaring at me like I murdered his cat?

"Jade, how old are you?" Namjoon sparked a conversation to get rid of awkwardness.

"I'm seventeen. Turning eighteen this December."

"Ah! Finally, someone younger than Jungkook! How does it feel to be not the golden maknae anymore?" Hoseok teased him while Jungkook pouted.

"So, should I call you all Hyung?"

"No. No. No." Jin laughed.

"Hyung is for boys to call their brothers. Oppa is used by girls." Namjoon explained.

"Taehyung Oppa?" I tried the word and Taehyung held his heart dramatically.

"Aw. My heart. Why you gotta be so cute, jagiya?" My eyes widened and I turned scarlet at his words.

"Yah! Stop flirting with her." Jin scolded while everyone laughed and just then the sound of door shutting followed by footsteps caught everyone's attention.

I turned around to find a guy entering the kitchen with his head down. His blonde hair was messed up and top buttons of his shirt were undone giving me a heavenly view of his chest. Where was he?

"Jimin-ah." Jimin halted his steps.

"Where were you last night?" Namjoon questioned.

"Out." A voice, like an angel, replied.

"What do you mean, out? Did you know how worried we all were?!" Jin spoke, with his voice stern like he was scolding a child. I saw Jimin clenching his fist. He was getting angry. But, why?

"Hyung, why don't you come and greet our special guest?" Jungkook chimed in. Kookie, this is not the time.

Jimin raised his head enough for me to have a glance at his face and I swear I forgot how to breathe for a second. I was not even kidding. Is he even human? How can someone be so beautiful with messy hair and clothes?

He stared at me intently for a while, with an expression I couldn't comprehend, making me squirm in my chair, before he went towards the fridge, grabbed a bottle of water and stormed out of the kitchen.

"Hey! Come back! You can't ignore someone who is older than you!" Jin exasperated but was returned with nothing.

"What's going on with him?" Jungkook asked still staring in the direction Jimin walked away.

His question was left unanswered. The rest of the breakfast passed in an eerie silence. But it didn't take a genius to know that they were all worried about Jimin. The members went into their respective rooms to get ready for the day. I offered Jin to help him with the dishes and he gladly agreed.

We spent the next thirty minutes laughing at Jin's dad jokes. I was laughing only at his windshield wiper laugh. Jin was easy to talk and joke around with. Despite him being the eldest out of all, he had the heart of a kid.

As I walked back to my room, I heard shuffling making me stop in my tracks. Oh shit! I regret sharing the room, now. What was I thinking?!

My footsteps low, I slowly opened the door and closed it. When I turned around, I felt Yoongi's ice-cold glare. I frowned. What did I do?

I gave him a watery smile. My eyes caught the album in his hand and I mentally kicked myself. Great job, Jade.

If looks could kill, I would be dead by now.

"With whose permission did you touch this?" His rough voice sounded intimidating. I opened my mouth to answer but nothing came out. His scary aura was making me lose my mind.

"Do you think I'm talking to the walls?! I asked YOU why did you touch my stuff?! Why did I find this out of its place?!" I flinched at his loud sharp voice as I shrunk under his gaze.

Tears threatened to form in my eyes but I pushed them back. I was not going to show him my weak side. I took a deep breath and looked him in the eye.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize it would bother you so much. I just got curious. I promise I won't do it again." I spoke keeping my voice as stable as possible and walked past him aiming to reach the balcony.

"And who said you could move into my room?"