1 chapter 1- nice to meet you

hi I'm deku nice to meet you

deku ? why such a name for such a handsome boy

it was given to me by a childhood friend

doesn't sound very friendly to me

yeah he's really not

I could treat you better izuku

h-how do you know my real name

izuku ,izuku wake up your gonna be late for school it's your first day

awwww mom I was in a wierd dream I wanted to see what happened

get ready dork his mom gently patted him on the head and left him to get dressed for the day . he headed out with a smile on his face but when he got to class he was shocked to see the boy from his dreams that was not the first dream he had of this mystery boy that he found rather attractive his red and white hair with one beautiful Icey blue eye and with the other a dull grey but he still found it attractive

welcome midoriya are you going to take a seat or just stare at todoroki .

his face went red without his permission and he felt completely embarrassed .he went to sit next to bakugou but he slammed his bag in the seat midoriya wanted to sit in the only available seat was next to not so mysterious anymore todoroki the rest of his day flew by before he knew it he was on his way home when a strong arm pulled him into an ally he was violently pushed against the wall all he saw was an Icey blue eye his eyes shut hard when the face pushed against his his mouth pushed open and a tongue forced in he wanted to push away but at the same time didn't .....

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