I Think I've Met You in One of My Dreams: Lunox Book

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I Think I've Met You in One of My Dreams: Lunox


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Lunox, a mage, was sent to a non-magic world and discovered her power to travel in her dreams— but in a different personality and different state of life. One night while exploring her dreams, she traveled so far, met random heroes, and lend a helping hand to those in need of help. She met a lot of people and made friends but there is only one person who caught her heart and was named Vale. She's captivated by his kindness and.... coolness. She had so much fun being with him to the point she forgot to go back to the real world. She had fun traveling that she doesn't want to go back anymore. One day, she woke up not knowing who was she. She forgotten everything, all she could remember was her life in her dreams and the people she met. After that, she can't stop searching for someone or something. Is it a person she's searching for? Or she's finding herself?