Zhang Lan’s Twisted Mind

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Gu Yan kept her head low and didn't speak. 

She finished her breakfast quietly and gathered the bowls and chopsticks with her limping leg before washing them. 

Zhang Lan snorted when she saw that. She dusted her body and told Gu Dagang, "Take the big girl to work in the field later. I'm going to the convenience store to watch others play cards. Come over and find me once lunch is ready."

Gu Dagang looked at Gu Yan's limping figure and was in a pickle. "Make the big girl work today? Her leg…"

"Her leg isn't broken." Zhang Lan looked outside and snorted again. "I provide her with food and water; would she die if she works a little?"

Gu Dagang's expression turned unnatural when he heard that, but he didn't say anything.

He didn't dare to say anything. 

Naturally, Gu Yan heard everything as she washed the dishes in the outer room. The corners of her lips curved upward coldly. 

The reason why it took so long for her leg to heal in her previous life was because she was the one who had to do all the chores in and out of home. 

She literally had no time to rest or pamper herself. 

Ever since Zhang Lan stopped working as a nanny in the city and returned to the village, she became a "noble lady" who rested and stopped doing any sort of work. She ordered her husband to do everything. 

Gu Yan started working in the field with Gu Dagang at the age of six or seven. 

Weeding, sowing, fertilizing, planting, and harvesting corn and rice.

A child aged six or seven with such tiny little hands was ordered to make flatbread. 

The tiny girl had to stand on her tiptoes in front of the stove to cook dishes with a spatula.

It made whoever saw her upset. 

On the other hand, Gu Moli, who was a year younger, never had to do any chores since she was little. Now, she didn't even know how to wash her clothes or how to cook rice. 

In the words of Zhang Lan, her little Moli must be babied and would definitely marry a wealthy man.

Perhaps, at that time, Zhang Lan had already planned for the eldest daughter of the Bai Family to give her a payback. 

Once the time comes, Bai Weiyang, the young madam of the Bai family, could curl her fingers and help Gu Moli marry into a wealthy family. 

Now, Gu Yan finally understood how calculative and shrewd Zhang Lan was. The whole point of her swapping babies was to use them for her own future. 

Plus, she was really twisted. 

In the beginning, Zhang Lan was the nanny in the Bai Family in the courtyard and worked her butt off doing everything. 

But now, she was the one using Gu Yan as her slave, enjoying the thrill of using a young madam as her slave. 

Gu Yan slightly closed her eyes. She really didn't know much about the Bai Family other than that they were a superior and mighty family. They were the most, if not, one of the most powerful families in the courtyard. 

Gu Yan did not wish to return to the Bai Family either. After all, the Bai Family was a stranger to her. Because of Bai Weiyang, she did not hold the best impression of the Bai Family. 

The Bai Family played a big part when Bai Weiyang framed Gu Yan and made her go to jail! Otherwise, how could she be charged with murder for a simple medical accident.

Gu Yan's heart ached at the thought of Lu Ye's miserable death in her previous life.

In this life, Gu Yan was going to change her destiny with her own power! Also, she would not miss out on Lu Ye this time!

Once she thought of that man who had a naughty smile but was very reliable, Gu Yan felt her heart filled with power!

Of course, she did not want to return to the Bai Family, but that didn't mean she would let Bai Weiyang go so easily. 

Bai Weiyang stole her life and plotted her death. 

Bai Weiyang, I won't drop the grudge between us in this life!

A dim light flashed in the bottom of Gu Yan's eyes. Her hands did not stop working, and she finished washing all the dishes and chopsticks very quickly. 

Zhang Lan went to the convenience store to watch other play cards long ago, and Gu Dagang had already changed into his rubber boots. He grabbed a bag of chemical fertilizers as he said to Gu Yan, "Yan, you are coming with me to work in the field later. You just have to sit there. The field is muddy and slippery; leave the fertilizing work to me."

"Dad, let me go pick some mushrooms in the mountains. My leg got hurt, and I can only walk slowly, so it wouldn't bother so much if I picked mushrooms. If I just sit in the field and mom learns about it later…"

"Hmm, then go pick mushrooms. Careful being on your own," Gu Dagang told her. He thought about it and added, "You have to hurry back and make lunch at noon, or else your mom…"

"Mm-hmm, I know."

Gu Dagang nodded, put the bag of chemical fertilizer on the rack of the black bicycle, and headed out.