You’re The Most Handsome In This World

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Gu Yan felt amused. "You're the most handsome in this world. No one can compare with you!"

Captain Lu grinned upon seeing the elated expression on her face and gentleness in her eyes. He clutched his wife's hands and said, "Let's go to the park."

After taking two steps, he looked down at her hand and asked, "Is your right hand still hurting?"

"No, it's recovering pretty well."

Gu Yan's right hand had recovered without a hitch. Only the surface layer needed some time to fully heal. With the cold weather, the skin grew back slower.

However, the dermis had already been restored.

This was all due to the help of the jade pendant.

As they conversed, they soon reached the park. 

Captain Lu went to line up for tickets. He seemed manly as he took charge of the expenses. Given the circumstance his wife was injured, he deemed it proper to queue for tickets and purchase them himself.

There were so many people around.