Yaqin Said She Had Always Been Single

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Lu Haiyang stood beside her and immediately said to his wife, "Lanzhi, don't talk nonsense. Don't we know what sort of person our son is? Why would he do such a thing to a girl before marriage?"

Qin Lanzhi also felt that she had said something wrong, but she was very curious.

She couldn't hold it in and asked, "Then whose baby is in Yaqin's belly?"

"Her boyfriend's. To be more precise, it's her ex-boyfriend's," Lu Ye said without changing his expression.

Qin Lanzhi was very surprised. "Yaqin actually has a boyfriend? That's not right. She told me that she had always been single. It has been very tough in a foreign place, and she can't forget it..."

Qin Lanzhi stopped talking when she saw her son's unhappy face.