Xie Luan’s Probing

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"Of course I know Haoran!" Bai Weiyang was a little desperate. After she said this, she quickly looked at Xie Luan's expression and said, "Mom, I will only marry Haoran in this life. I am only set on Haoran!"

"A girl's marriage is a matter of life and death. Since you have decided to choose him, you have to be mentally prepared whether you are happy or unhappy in the future."

Xie Luan actually felt that Lin Haoran was a little deep. Although the engagement was made by the older generation, Xie Luan had once told Bai Weiyang that if she was unwilling, she could cancel the engagement.

Xie Luan's mind was still very open, and she respected the wishes of her children even more.

But now, it seemed that... Weiyang was determined to marry Lin Haoran.

Bai Weiyang suppressed the dissatisfaction in her heart. She even suspected that Xie Luan knew something, which was why she repeatedly stopped her from marrying Haoran!