When A Son Gets Older, He Doesn’t Listen To Mom

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Fortunately, she used the little jade pendant's special ability to make her body not so tired. Otherwise, Gu Yan felt that she would not be able to go to inspect houses today.

Lu Ye knew that he was in the wrong, so today, he did whatever Gu Yan told him to do. He was extremely obedient and behaved like a wife slave.

Seeing this scene in the eyes of the three members of the Lu family, they had a different feeling.

Old Master Lu felt relieved, "In the past, I was worried that Ah Ye would bully the Yan girl, but now it seems that I'm finally relieved. This kid really dotes on his wife."

Lu Haiyang also nodded, "He listens to his wife very much. Yes, he has the bearing of a man of the Lu family!"

Only Qin Lanzhi saw that her son was too good to Gu Yan and even asked about her well-being. When she got out of the car, he even went to hold her hand!

He was worried about her feet when she stepped on a rock!