What If It Worked?

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After speaking, Guo Rou turned around and left without hesitation.

In this world, no one would put up with anyone unconditionally.

Even a husband and wife or a family member will lose patience, let alone friends.

No matter what kind of friendship, no person would be able to withstand overindulging the other person.

Lin Xiaoyu stiffened on the spot as Guo Rou walked away. Her eyes went red as tears of grievance welled up.

Shen Nana saw everything and grinned.

She really arrived at the right time. Lin Xiaoyu was the perfect person for her plan.

Shen Nana also came from an elite family, the Shen family. She knew Lin Xiaoyu of course. She also heard that Lin Xiaoyu sided with the Medical Department when they were in conflict with the Logistics Department. This made a lot of soldiers unhappy with her.

Shen Nana slowly walked towards Lin Xiaoyu.