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"I didn't!" Bai Weiyang denied subconsciously. Her heart was beating very fast, and a trace of fear, unease, and guilt flashed across her face.

Although it was very subtle, it was still caught by Lu Ye!

On the other side, Bai Mengchen was stunned for a moment. She immediately remembered what the mysterious man had said just now, and looked at Bai Weiyang in surprise.

But she quickly turned her head back.

However, Gu Yan and Lu Ye still saw this scene!

Bai Mengchen had calmed down. She frowned and said to Gu Yan, "Gu Yan, you have to have evidence. If you don't have evidence, you're framing her!"

Seeing Bai Mengchen whose butt was completely tilted to Bai Weiyang's side, Gu Yan sneered and said, "Bai Weiyang pushed Zhang Lan down the stairs. She's dead. wasn't it Bai Weiyang who killed her?"

Gu Yan realized that when she said this, Bai Weiyang and Bai Mengchen actually heaved a sigh of relief at the same time!