Too Fat, Can’t Run

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Zhang Cuihua's stamina wasn't bad.

The other soldiers really couldn't run that far, but in her case, she just was simply lazy.

Hence, not only did she successfully set her position to second last, but she also dragged Xu Miaomiao along with her.

The pitiful Xu Miaomiao ran and looked behind her. There was barely anyone left. She was a little distraught and said, "Cuihua, how about we go faster? There is almost no one behind us."

"Wan Fang is still behind us!" Zhang Cuihua ran leisurely. The two masses of flesh in front of her chest bounced.

She was quite laid-back.

Xu Miaomiao felt torn up. "Then, how about helping Wan Fang?"

Zhang Cuihua rolled her eyes. "Are you dumb? We can't even run ourselves. How can we help her?"

Xu Miaomiao was bewildered. She felt she could still run though.

Even Zhang Cuihua looked like she still had energy.