There’s a Mosquito on Your Face

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"Hahahaha," Lu Ye's laughter was half a beat slower, and it sounded careless. 

But he kept in mind that it was midnight and everyone else on the bus was asleep, so he kept his laughter quiet and in check. 

The two soldiers who were responsible for accompanying him heard his laughter and couldn't help but turn around.

They had no idea why Colonel Lu was laughing so merrily, Did he find money?

Lu Ye's eyes squinted. He didn't find money, but he did find a treasure!

He saw the little girl frowning and glowering at him, so Lu Ye covered his mouth and lowered his voice, "Little angel, you are so interesting, and bold too." 

"My name is Gu Yan, not little angel." Gu Yan had enough. She knew that someone as cynical and roguish as Lu Ye was easily misunderstood, which was why Lin Haoran, who had a calm and collected facade, often used Lu Ye's bad reputation against him in Gu Yan's previous life. 

After all, people at this time were conservative and reserved. Most female comrades preferred men like Lin Haoran, who seemed perfect and collected. 

But too bad… Lin Haoran was too calm and collected. Even when the woman that he liked was in jail, he still kept his cool. 

It was because the only person he ever loved had always been himself. 

So many people were blinded by Lin Haoran. 

Gu Yan was almost fooled by Lin Haoran. 

But that self-interested and sanctimonious man was, in fact, her real fiance? 

Gu Yan did not want a man like that!

Her dainty brows frowned when she reminisced about her previous life.

Obviously, Lu Ye realized that Gu Yan was in a bad mood, so he jerked towards her. 

He looked at the gloominess on Gu Yan's face, and he didn't know why he had the urge to flatten her tightly-knitted brows. 

Lu Ye had always been a man of action. He would take action whenever a thought came to his mind. 

So when that thought only flashed in his mind briefly, he reached out his hand and gently touched Gu Yan between her eyebrows. 

Both of them froze when he touched her. 

Their eyes met. For a moment, all they could hear was each other's heartbeats. 

In all honesty, Lu Ye's action was a little too impetuous during this era. 

Lu Ye subconsciously looked at the tips of his fingers, and the tips of his ears flushed. Thankfully, the lighting in the bus was dim, so it wasn't too noticeable. 

Gu Yan turned her head subconsciously and looked outside the window. The outside was pitchblack, and she couldn't see anything other than flashing lights that appeared once in a while. 

Lu Ye looked at Gu Yan's beautiful side profile and didn't say anything for a long time. No one knew what was on his mind.

When Gu Yan turned around again, he saw Lu Ye leaning against his seat and already asleep. Dim light shined on his face, and she could sometimes make out his long eyelashes clearly. 

Gu Yan heaved a sigh of relief, but she became a little speechless as well. How could this guy be able to fall asleep after what just happened?

How tired must he be? 

But when Gu Yan remembered Lu Ye's unclear death in her previous life, she began to feel sorry. Gu Yan would never forget Lu Ye's expression before he died. 

He trusted her so much and loved her so much. He never married because of her…

Gu Yan felt guilty at the thought of that. She reached out her little hand and wanted to touch Lu Ye's face to verify that he was indeed alive and not killed by her. 

Just as she was about to touch him, Gu Yan's hand was suddenly grabbed by him. 

Those bright and beaming eyes locked onto Gu Yan, the same way as the last time when Gu Yan saved Lu Ye. 

"Comrade Gu Yan, were you planning a sneak attack?"

"...There's a mosquito on your face."

"You don't even blink when you lie," Lu Ye snorted as he held onto that little hand. It was very supple, but there were hard calluses on the palm of that little hand. A hint of pity appeared in his heart. 

Gu Yan was shocked for a little bit, but then she quickly drew her hand back. She realized that she was a little impulsive, and her face started to burn a little. 

She almost forgot that, to Lu Ye right now, this was only their second encounter. 

At this moment, Lu Ye suddenly chuckled beside her, "Comrade Gu Yan, why do I feel like you are afraid that I would not plead to marry you?"

Gu Yan was at a loss for words.

Fine, that was definitely something Lu Ye would say! 

Gu Yan suddenly realized that she was still too thin-skinned; she didn't know how to come back at him! 

She got teased by Lu Ye, who was only in his early twenties! 

Lu Ye laughed joyously and said, "Stop messing around; go to sleep. We're getting off after four o'clock, so you won't be able to sleep for too long." 

You're messing around, everyone in your entire family is messing around!

Gu Yan was pissed, but she also found it funny. The bit of coyness that emerged in her heart had all dissipated. After a while, she really heard steady snoring sounds coming into her ear. The snoring sounds, paired with the shaky bus, made Gu Yan yawn. Perhaps it was because Lu Ye was right beside her that Gu Yan felt more secure than ever. 

It didn't take long for her to drift off to the dreamland. 

Not long after she fell asleep, the person who was supposed to be asleep beside her slowly opened his eyes and took off his jacket to cover her body.