The Wicked Sue First

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Lin Xiaoyu's hand was trembling. She nervously looked at Gu Yan.

Although Gu Yan didn't directly turn her head, she already knew Lin Xiaoyu was observing her.

'What is Lin Xiaoyu going to do?'

Gu Yan lowered her head and relied on her peripheral vision, making her realize that Lin Xiaoyu's fingers were quivering. Her breathing sped up.


'Is she really going to do something?'

Surely, it wouldn't be something good!

Out of nowhere, her body tingled with hypervigilance. An incoming danger triggered the response. 

The malice was directed at her!

Without hesitation, Gu Yan grabbed her washing tub and raised it, blocking the unexpected onslaught of boiling water in time.

Nevertheless, a few drops still landed on her hand.

The water instantly scalded her, leaving a few blisters on her hand!

Without pausing to think, Gu Yan flicked her hand and that boiling water was redirected to the one who threw it.